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Frida T-Shirt – Ask About Me Cost: AU$12.46 Frida Kahlo t-shirts for men Buy Now     Frida T-Shirt – Frida Cathlo illustration Cost: AU$12.46 Frida Kahlo t-shirts for men Buy Now Frida T-Shirt – Big Type Cost: AU$12.46 Frida Kahlo t-shirt for men Buy Now Frida T-Shirt – CeramicRead More →

When it comes to trying something new, art-wise, I’m firmly in the camp that if you want to experiment with a technique or expand part of your studio then you should just do it. Don’t wait around for the perfect moment; it will never come. Source: Nelleke Verhoeff is BringingRead More →

Yummy Stories – Choc Galore by Pâtisserie Ludwig Branding & Packaging Design for the new chocolate collection of Pâtisserie Ludwig by Yummy Stories, a design bureau specialized in food & beverage design & communication. These six chocolates are delicious. Source: Choc Galore Packaging DesignRead More →

Tried &T rue Design – Church Road McDonald Series 120 Years 2017marked Church Road Winery’ 120th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a limited edition bottle wrap, showcasing their unique history. Source: Packaging to Celebrate 120 Years of Church Road Winery in New ZealandRead More →

Source: Artist Spotlight: Rae KleinRead More →

French artist Patrick Commecy is based in Eyzin-Pinet, France, but travels all over the country to paint walls. Using the facade of buildings as his canvas, he captures the history and culture of the place through his art. Commecy uses trompe-l’œil, a technique where realistic looking scenes are used toRead More →

On this day all around the world, people are giving their hearts to their significant other for Valentine’s Day. Not so for Wiley the Dalmatian, who wears his heart on his sleeve – well more like his nose. The now one-year-old pup rose to internet fame for his unique heart-shapedRead More →

Artist Adele Renault creates large-scale paintings of pigeons, highlighting the spectacular feather patterns and hues that might otherwise go unnoticed at the birds’ small scale. Source: Adele Renault, Large-scale paintings of pigeonsRead More →

Rafael Maia is a talented Brazilian designer and CGI artist working with clients across the globe. Source: Packaging Design & 3D Visualizations by Rafael MaiaRead More →

Prior to SVA’s year-long Masters in Branding program, Surabhi Rathi worked as a designer in branding consultancies and creative agencies. Her time at SVA added strategic rigour to her creative background, helping position herself as a Brand Expert with a holistic understanding of business, brand strategy and design. Source: HowRead More →

Transform Architecture have designed the MIA Resort near Nha Trang in Central Vietnam. It is designed as a humble sanctuary with a simple goal – to blend in with the stunning natural environment. One of the main characteristics of this project is the fact that it was mostly built with graniteRead More →

If you love fonts or National Parks (or both), you’re in luck—you can download the typeface found on park signs for free. The iconic all-caps lettering used by the National Park Service wasn’t originally a typeface, reports Fast Company. Source: Download the National Parks’ Typeface For FreeRead More →

It is not surprising that colour can affect the state of our mind. Which colours best affect our mood? When you equip the room, you should not determine the colour only on the basis of whether you like it or not. Try to imagine how you would feel about theRead More →

With so many smartphones on the market, manufacturers are quick to add top features to their products—including some seriously impressive cell phone cameras. You may not want to lug your DSLR everywhere you go, but you never know when you’ll capture the crown jewel for your online photography portfolio! Source:Read More →

Vilnius-based IM Interior has proven once again that great design doesn’t need a lot of space. The architects recently revamped an old garage in the Lithuanian capital into a stunning micro home clad in weathered steel. The 226-square-foot space was also completely made-over with a warm birch wood interior claddingRead More →

the simplicity of the minimalist NU:RO analog watch is as impressive as it is mesmerizing. its two dials, with hours at the top and minutes at the bottom, rotate to show the time in the middle inside the hourglass. even at a quick glance, the twin movement constantly works to ensure complete clarity withinRead More →

While creativity draws inspiration from many sources, the physical act of creating is often a solitary one. There’s a purity in wrestling a concept into words, or paint, or a photograph by oneself, without the competing influences of others. Source: Collaborating on a Creative Project? Tips for Making It WorkRead More →

How can we realise a powerful design? When is it really powerful? My experience in advertising in addition to my background focused on neuroscience made me think a lot about the audiences; about what I make them feel; how they want to feel; if they start to process the informationRead More →

The Travel Channel was once the TV world’s best outlet for shows about ranking waterslides and travelogues about foreign countries with weird food, but it’s hard to get today’s young people to pay attention to the world’s best waterslides when they’re so busy doing a Fortnite. Source: Fresh from aRead More →

Adobe has partnered with Fontself to release four unique color fonts to take your love notes to the next level this Valentine’s Day. Each day this week through the 14th, Adobe and Fontself are celebrating #ColorFontWeek by releasing a free new colour font. Source: Adobe and Fontself Release New FreeRead More →