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Freddie Mercury loved music, flamboyant fashion, Liza Minnelli , and as the new Bohemian Rhapsody biopic attests, his cats. Though the Rami Malek film does not get into many specifics—there are only so many feline cutaways director Bryan Singer could presumably fit into the approximately two-hour run time—it teases howRead More →

A stunning new series by French photographers Sébastien Tixier and Raphaël Bourelly. Taking its name from a style of painting that pays tribute to the path of mountains and water (immobility and motion), “Shan Shui” offers two perspectives on the same territory. Source: “Shan Shui” by Sébastien Tixier & Raphaël BourellyRead More →

Alvarado illustration in Inked Magazine February 2017

I love this illustration I found in an old Inked Magazine.Read More →

The term Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been known to create an instant workplace Pavlovian response that manifests in a big, wide yawn requiring a hurried apology. To avoid the psychological baggage, Dan Martell refers to it as a playbook instead. Source: How to get started with SOPs and beRead More →

Discussion of acclaimed designer Patrick Norguet necessarily begins with the Rainbow Chair. This multi-colored celebration of acrylic resin was not only Norguet’s entree into notoriety, but also a nice embodiment of his obsession with drawing and graphical representation. Source: Designer Profile: Patrick NorguetRead More →

…there’s gotta be enough space in there (between notes) so that the sound will work in an air space. That’s what makes the music work. — Frank Zappa Without space there is no music. Try to imagine every note playing at the same time or being played so quickly thatRead More →

The world is standing on its toes, trying to see the truth.  It is safe to say when you want to fool the world, tell the truth.  Truth is so rare that it is delightful to tell it.  It has been said, a truth that is told with bad intentRead More →

Healing a universal need.  Read More →

This mural always seems to have a car parked in front of it.  I took this early the other day on a walk with Toby.Read More →

1930 Bride traced from 1930 Chicago Tribune

I sourced this illustration from the Chicago Sunday Tribune dated March 2nd 1930 which I transformed into a shape using Adobe Capture on my iPhone.  Read More →

The landscape of the United Kingdom is littered with historic castles reaching back centuries. Once proud structures commanding the surrounding countryside, many stately houses, castles, and churches have since collapsed into ruin. Source: Watch 6 Ruined British Castles Come Back to LifeRead More →

a community that celebrates contemporary culture, focused on architecture, design, art and travel. Source: This Tiny House Was Designed With Multiple Levels For LivingRead More →

As one of the most popular places in the house, it is unfortunate that a kitchen does not give you a lot of design options if you are out to make it look more personal. Not with things like countertops, appliances, and certain types of furniture dictating its appearance. Source:Read More →

“Social media is a canvas for me,” the actor Jim Carrey said on Sunday at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel, during a talk with art critic Jerry Saltz. About a third of the way into their hour-long conversation, Carrey picked up his phone and placed a call to his assistant, requesting anRead More →

Even when the Germans invaded Paris during World War II, Brassaï refused to leave the country. He briefly fled to the French Riviera, but quickly returned to Paris, where his negatives (and inspiration) remained. When the allies liberated the city in 1944, Brassaï leaned out of his apartment window toRead More →

The types of font you choose will have a huge impact on your infographic. They are important because they provide information and fonts are part of the visual experience. So in this post, we`ve collected 25 cool fonts that will add a big impact to your infographic design and bringRead More →

More delicate drawings from Florida-based artist Katie Evans (previously featured here ). Working to transform the seemingly mundane into the meaning through sustained attention and ritualized consideration, Evans beautifully explains: “The resting of a chin on a shelf, the slow swinging of a bell on a string, the light reflectingRead More →

Adulting can be rough. Admit it, as a kid you thought it’d be far simpler and far more fun than paying bills, working a job to pay those bills, and sometimes-but-not-nearly-often-enough, getting the chance to sneak away somewhere cool for a vacation. Source: 11 Simple Life Upgrades To Make YouRead More →

A labor of love 8 years in the making, featuring contributions by Jane Goodall, Yo-Yo Ma, Jacqueline Woodson, Ursula K. Le Guin, Mary Oliver, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Rebecca Solnit, Elizabeth Gilbert, Shonda Rhimes, Richard Branson, Marina Abramović, Judy Blume, and other remarkable humans living inspired and inspiring lives. Source:Read More →

“Puerta Bernina” is one of the leading companies in the high-end pastry sector in the city of Granada. We have completely redesigned the brand and these changes can be seen throughout the company. Together with the Puerta Family, we designed more than just a logo or packaging. Above everything elseRead More →

Have you ever gotten zapped by a worn out phone charger or extension cord? Turns out getting electrocuted isn’t such a modern problem – someone even released a book showing all the ways you could die from it all the way back in 1931. Source: This Book From 1931 ShowsRead More →