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In all likelihood, the office space you occupy doesn’t quite measure up—in any way, shape, or form—to the Washington, DC, headquarters of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). After all, modern buildings routinely expose us to conditions that may compromise our well-being, sabotage our mood, squelch our creativity, andRead More →

Artist Hope Gangloff captures the personalities of her friends and family in brightly colored large-scale portraits. Gangloff’s acrylic and collage paintings show her subjects in intimate settings—often domestic interiors—in poses of relaxation or quiet focus. Source: Portraits of friends and family, paintings by Hope GangloffRead More →

Laura Berger minimalist female portraits

“To Feel”, acrylic on wood panel, 36 x 24 inches Multi-disciplinary Laura Berger creates abstract environments and explores universal themes of rituals, nature, and freedom in her portraits of female subjects. Berger works primarily in acrylic on wood panel, but also brings her characters to life in ceramics and large-scaleRead More →

Dating back to 1975, Anchor Brewing’s Christmas Ale arrives in mid-November and disappears by early January every year. Though consistent in style, the recipes and labels change annually. Regarding the latter, artist Jim Stitt chooses a new seasonal tree to hand-draw. It doesn’t have to be a radical change.  ForRead More →

This our favourite post, which we look forward to putting together each year. It’s always mind-blowing look back at the year over 100+ posts we have published. This is where we look back at the current year at some of our personal favourite blog posts, which we have published acrossRead More →

The food delivery company just introduced Serve, an autonomous delivery robot Today if you order something through Postmates, a human will arrive at your doorstep, food in tow. This time next year, a robot might show up in its place. Source: Postmates’ new autonomous robot wants to deliver your sushiRead More →

The top 5 stories are ones that embody the Design Indaba motto of a “Better world through creativity”. On the list, you will see a design veteran who gave us pop culture history, an architectural site that is influenced by social responsibility, and great passion surrounding earth’s biggest killer, plastic waste.Read More →

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, Plates from: Têtes de Différents Animaux dessinées d’après nature pour donner une idée plus exacte de leurs caractères, 1796. Etching. Via Philadelphia Museum of Art. Trivia: The artist is called Goethe-Tischbein, because he made the famous portrait of “Goethe in the Roman Campagna” 1787. Source: Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein,Read More →

Would you ever connect food with your socks? Probably not! But someone just make their socks really delicious and make you wonder what’s actually in the pack? Are they pizza? Sushi? Beer? Soup? Or socks? Don’t mix those well-designed sock pack with some cheesy socks with food print. Source: FunnyRead More →

Instagram is changing a lot of things – how we interact with people, how we shop, and now, what we view as attractive or pretty. Because of the shift in the perception of beauty, Instagram is having a major effect on the design industry, across various segments, including retail, healthRead More →

Hit Snap, by Simon Balle All-Through School, Hertfordshire A looped bookmark that doesn’t fall out of the book you’re reading; a convertible door sign to tell people if you’re in or out; a more physical version of the card game Snap to keep kids active; these are just some ofRead More →

Cadillac tempered its outlandish fins for 1960, the year that marked the division’s last use of triple two-barrel carburetion as standard Eldorado issue. For the remaining six years of its production life the rear-drive Eldo would have the same engine specs as its less exotic linemates. Source: Wonderful Photos OfRead More →

Mesmerizing photo edits by Nick Asphodel, a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, calligrapher, and visual designer currently based in Milan, Italy. Nick creates a brilliant composition, vibrant colors, and magical edits. Source: Dreamlike And Magical Photo Manipulations By Nick AsphodelRead More →

Are you looking for the best Google fonts for your website? Do you struggle to find Google font pairings which will create the right impact? You’ll be relieved to know that typography has become far less complicated in modern times. Source: Google font pairings: Font combinations that look goodRead More →

Shaoxing Hotel originating from “Lingxiao Pavilion” is made up of very traditional architectural complexes with white walls, black tiles, winding corridors, bridges overflowing water, and well-spaced flowers and trees, full of the features of Jiangnan dwelling. It went through many times of reconstruction and upgrading over the past 60 years.Read More →

Choosing the look of the room that your kids are going to grow up in is definitely not an easy task. There are so many things that you have to consider and even if you think you’ve got everything right, chances are you’re going to have to change it soonRead More →

“Common sense and conventional practice prohibit the evolution of architecture.” This is the first quote you find reading Tom Ngo’s Master’s thesis: The Dinner Address, A Venture into Architectural Absurdity. And it’s also the starting point of his artistic work, paintings and drawings, which search nothing but different frameworks ofRead More →

Lindsay Stripling is a San Francisco based artist and illustrator I really admire and whose work I’ve really enjoyed watching develop as she also made the transition to full-time illustrator. I admire is that Lindsay has stayed true to her own style and originality. Source: Lindsay StriplingRead More →

I just love this first piece by Meg Lipke of Brooklyn which is somehow so multi-faceted yet totally coherent as a whole. These vibrant ‘soft’ paintings are made with muslin, acrylic, ink, fabric dye, beeswax and stuffed with polyfil. Source: Artist Crush: Meg LipkeRead More →

Brooklyn-based artist Lori Richmond remembers being a “spaz” as a kid when it came to athletics. “I failed the physical fitness test in sixth grade and they actually took me out of gym and put me in the weight room,” she recalled with a laugh. “I never had a goodRead More →