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TYPO Labs Identity

Created for developers by developers TYPO Labs aims to connect font engineers with developers and exchange best practices, advance the state of the art and encourage the integration of new type technologies into future digital communications. Source: TYPO Labs Identity

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Newcomer of the Week: Davide Cerretini

Newcomer of the Week: Davide Cerretini Share Tweet As an budding portrait photographer, Davide Cerretini ( @davidecerretini ) aspires to translate the connection he made with his muse into compelling photographs. Throwing out technical rules out of the window, he experiments with blurs and soft colors. Source: Newcomer of the


Brand Identity for Sushi Junction by Lee Ching Tat

Mortise Design is a brand designer & illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. He recently shared a brand identity for Sushi Junction, it’s a colourful design mixed with Japanese & Chinese cuisine. Source: Brand Identity for Sushi Junction by Lee Ching Tat


Hand-folded Paper Ballet Costumes by Melika Dez and Pauline Loctin

Paper fashion creations are not something new any more. We have seen sculptural paper wigs and all kinds of dresses made out of different paper like newspaper, toilet paper, and phone-book. Today we will show you the hand-folded paper ballet costume by Montreal-based artists Melika Dez and Pauline Loctin. Source:

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Illustration woman sleeping underneath blanket of wave

How Are Sleep & Creativity Related? New Study Gives Better Insight

“As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.” – Leonardo da Vinci. There exists an interesting theory based on the concept of the characteristics of the main phases of sleep and their intellectual combination. Source: How Are Sleep & Creativity Related? New Study

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Four fists meet in the middle

Marketing is a fundamental need for every business, organization, and individual looking for exposure. Why? Because visibility is typically at the forefront of the agenda and it’s one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience, however large or small. Source: 3 Top Hacks for Marketing SuccessRead More →

Wood Textures

  A wood background can do a lot for a website or a poster. Wood texture is intensely evocative. It has an innate connection to the natural world, and can also call to mind any number of situations or environments depending on its colour, visual effect, placement, and more. Source:Read More →

Inspired by The Exorcist (1973) Cars in space, a giant orange monstrosity floating above a city, Kanye on Twitter… a turbulent series of events throughout 2018 means that there’s no shortage of inspiration this Halloween. In the spirit of the season, global creative platform 99designs challenged its international community ofRead More →

Being able to solve problems is one of the most sought-after skills in the job market today. Source: Harness the art of design thinkingRead More →

Paper fashion creations are not something new any more. We have seen sculptural paper wigs and all kinds of dresses made out of different paper like newspaper, toilet paper, and phone-book. Today we will show you the hand-folded paper ballet costume by Montreal-based artists Melika Dez and Pauline Loctin. Source:Read More →

The Dial Tray Desktop Organizer Adapts to Your Needs

Earlier this year, we shared the sleek and minimalist PlusMinus screwdrivers by Oregon-based design studio Selek Design and now they’re back with another clever product we’d love to get our hands on. The Dial Tray, designed for Rubberband, is a desktop organizer that easily adapts to your own needs. Source:Read More →


Kathy Butterly’s beautiful and odd sculptures are the result of a literal manipulation of traditional ceramic forms. Her latest exhibition of new work titled “Thought Presence”, on view now at James Cohan Gallery in New York, presents 24 new vessels that demand a full 360-degree exploration. Source: The Ceramic SculpturesRead More →

The cost of prostheses has always been a problem for amputees in less developed countries, where it is not out of the ordinary for people to fashion artificial limbs for themselves from whatever material on which they can lay their hands. Source: Low-cost artificial leg for amputees in developing countriesRead More →

Orange velvet chair

I dabble in all the colors, but orange is and will always be my fave. My home is sprinkled with happy doses of it and I LOVE it. I’m drooling over that orange velvet chair pictured above-yum! pinterest source instagram couturezilla This beauty is way out of my price rangeRead More →

Doodles at the Museum

A notebook page drawn while visiting the (excellent) Cleveland Museum of Natural History this week. Below: A notebook page drawn while visiting the (also excellent) Mütter Museum in Philadelphia back in 2012. Source: Doodles at the museumRead More →

If you had stepped into the home of Theodor Seuss Geisel just after his death in 1991, you would have found yourself at the entryway of the whimsical world of his pen name, Dr. Source: The Art Practice Dr. Seuss Kept Hidden from the WorldRead More →

The world is about to get a little more sparkly with the release of Pantone’s Metallic Shimmer colors. The color authority, which defines and standardizes hues (and annually determines the prescient Color of the Year ), has announced a collection of iridescent shades, such as “Ice Palace” and “Golden Egg,”Read More →

Sculptures by Franz Messerschmidt

The Incapable Bassoonist, Afflicted with Constipation, A Know-It-All Quibbling Quipster —these are titles attached to a handful of sculptures by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, though they could just as easily be characters in a Saturday Night Live sketch. Source: These Bizarre 18th-Century Sculptures Catalog 64 Human EmotionsRead More →


Before becoming an illustrator, Cécile Dormeau was a pixel pusher in Hamburg and Berlin. She also worked as an art director for an ad agency in Frankfurt. Now this wonderful French woman brings joy to thousands of her fans with her bright and ironic illustrations, published on her Instagram andRead More →

Art of Warfare the Observer

There’s no war before or since that evoked so many voices from the arts as did the first world war. Until then the great empires had shaped the world and the ruling classes were close to each other. Source: The art of warfareRead More →


Halloween is coming up on the calendar and you know what that means. It’s time to throw a spooky Halloween party. But if you want your party to be remembered as the best Halloween party, you’ll need to invest in some Halloween decorations for your home. Source: 15 Festive DIYRead More →

Mural Cowper Street, Glebe

Black and white mural on side of building Cowper Street, Glebe.Read More →

kitchen ideas

Despite the fact that the kitchen is technically meant for cooking and eating, most of us use it for all kinds of things—including charging our phones or computers, listening to music, and the like. As I glance over to my countertops, I see not one or two but seven differentRead More →


As time passes by and you look at portraits, the people come back to you like a silent echo.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004). Two exhibitions of fashion and portrait photography by Marilyn Stafford (b. 1925) open across the UK this autumn. Source: Unseen PortraitsRead More →

unforgettable bags from Tesco

A little incentive to re-use plastic bags goes a long way, for the environment and for the retailer. Source: Unforgettable BagRead More →