most frustrating gif

The GIF that is frustrating the entire internet

The internet is a double-edged sword, and we know that very well, so much so that sometimes something as simple as a GIF can affect us greatly no matter how simple it is.And that's what happened with a GIF created by the Polish visual artist named Feliks Konczakowski, which shows us a satellite approach that as in google maps is giving you a clearer picture of what is actually in the location.The problem? You approach but you never get to see in more detail.Folks it is a slow news day.

violets colour swatch

Violets – Colour Palette

The violets are one of the most recognisable flowers.  Even the scientific name of the principal type makes sense; it is Viola odorta, the sweet violet.  It is a native of Europe. Many hybrid forms exist with both single and double flowers.  Flower colours include white and shades of pink lavender, violet, purple and yellow.I call this colour swatch Violet on wood.

The symbolism of flowers

The Symbolism of flowers

For millennia, and among almost every culture, flowers and trees have been adopted as symbols, type and emblems of human groups and affiliations.  The "War of the Roses" the red and white roses which were the badges of Lancastrian and York rivals to the English throne.

How to draw a man exercising

How to draw a man exercising – 4 steps

How to draw a man exercising in four easy steps. It is just curves and lines.


Supergraphics: how colour, imagery and type can transform public spaces (reblog)

Many designers will associate the word “supergraphics” with exhibitions, building facades and art installations. The term is used to describe large-scale graphics, typography and imagery that adorns walls or other large surfaces – but the variety and application of these mega graphics have increased over recent years. Read the article on Design Week >   … Continue reading Supergraphics: how colour, imagery and type can transform public spaces (reblog)

Design News - 23-02-2018

Design News Daily – Friday 23rd of February, 2018

Daily design news from around the world that is curated with mindfulness, love and care.

Best photography galleries of the day – Thursday the 22nd of February 2018

Best photography galleries of the day - Thursday the 22nd of February 2018 - Bailey Street Design

Repetitive patterns and unity

Repetitive patterns unify your website design

In web design decorations or visual elements on the page may be combined or repeated to form patterns that will have a specific effect on a website user. For example, an alternating pattern may elicit a sense of order.It was in the early 20th century that artists and designers began exploring a new reality of our imagery with cubism, that formed the basis of geometric abstraction. Since that time, designers have continued to study abstraction using their own design vocabulary. The design and construction of repetitive visual units can be understood as a form of ritual: and it is this repetition that links to the creative process.

roxborough calligraphic serif

Typeface Design: Roxborough Beautiful Serif Font (reblog)

We haven't posted about typeface design for quite a long time, so it's time to change that. Today we feature the Roxborough typeface created and shared by Connary Fagen. The design is a dramatic, voguish serif, influenced by calligraphy and hand lettering .Read the article on Abduzeedo >

Banner for repost typography

15 Unbeatable Font Combinations That Can Boost the Aesthetics of Your Design Project (reblog)

There’s a saying in the field of designing that “the best designs are those which you don’t notice”. But how are you going to appreciate the aesthetics of a design if it does not stand out? If you want your audience to admire your work, you need to start working on something that is not just distinctly visible but also makes your audience take a pause and admire the efforts you have put in through your creative skills.