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Newcomer of the Week: Davide Cerretini

Newcomer of the Week: Davide Cerretini Share Tweet As an budding portrait photographer, Davide Cerretini ( @davidecerretini ) aspires to translate the connection he made with his muse into compelling photographs. Throwing out technical rules out of the window, he experiments with blurs and soft colors. Source: Newcomer of the


Studio Marcus Kraft has updated the brand identity as well as…

Studio Marcus Kraft has updated the brand identity as well as designed the 2018 campaign for the Zürcher Theater Spektakel, focusing on the top-class productions from all over the world. The Zürcher Theater Spektakel starts its 39th season on 16 August. Source: Studio Marcus Kraft has updated the brand identity


Mademoiselle. 37 artists, in the name of youthitude and femininitude

At Centre Regional d’Art Contemporain Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, located 13,4 km from Béziers, “Mademoiselle” introduces itself as a group exhibition collecting together a generation of women artists. But why, once more, the current resurgence of attention on feminist art aims to spark impassioned discussions about the relevance of feminism in

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6 steps to help you move past perfectionism

Do you seek praise and approval from the people around you? Is it difficult for you to accept being second best? Do you often sacrifice your own well-being in order to complete a task perfectly? Are you generally stressed and anxious? Source: 6 steps to help you move past perfectionism

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There’s no doubt social media is absolutely essential for business marketing. But not all social platforms are created equally. Today’s leading social platforms have survived years of volatile competition to dominate their specific niche. Source: How To Find The Perfect Social Media Platform For Your BusinessRead More →

Plastic utensils? Pfft, who uses those nowadays? Especially when there’s a handy travel cutlery set perfect for keeping in an office drawer or in our camping kit. This set folds up to fit in a small, portable, canvas pouch with clip, so you can have them handy. Source: Travel CutleryRead More →

There’s no denying how popular the adventure van trend has become – and it makes sense, as putting your home on wheels is one of the best ways to see more of the world. But while most folks turn to vehicle customizers and/or pre-built examples, some folks are a littleRead More →

Dispensing with frivolous email is the fastest way to boost productivity. August 10, 2018 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As a professional speaker and trainer, I meet new clients almost every week. Source: Slogging Through Email Is Probably Why You’re Worried About Your ProductivityRead More →

Designers tend to see typography as visual language; a good piece of typography maintains a delicate balance between being visually stunning and at the same time powerfully conveying the message it is meant to carry. It takes years of practice and enormous talent to make this happen on a regularRead More →

Artist Matti Senju Horimatsu Sandberg has chosen the form of Shunga (japanese Edo period pornographic drawings, prints and paintings) to be the starting point for exploring and showing his personal fantasies and desires. Source: Shunga x Matti Senju Horimatsu SandbergRead More →

  A discussion in the press between an artist and critics amplifies the weak points of Second-wave feminism. Source: An Illustrator Revisits His Fifth-Grade SketchbookRead More →

Our Design Around the World series explores design communities outside our own. We’ve met many talented designers through these interviews and learned a ton from them. And we continue digging deeper. In every interview, we ask which 10 design studios everyone should know from that country. Source: 6 Inspiring DesignRead More →

Earlier this month we featured the work of London Street Artist Donk who has installed a new series of eight large scale pasteups featuring portraits of individuals he photographed on the streets of Brick Lane. If you missed the work you can check out the post here Street Artist Donk’sRead More →

Being a big fan of everything retro, I can say for sure that retro and vintage art will never get old. There are so many tones and design styles you can experiment with when creating vintage art in Photoshop . So either you are looking for inspiration for your nextRead More →

The benefits of having a comfortable or better yet, an ergonomic computer chair are countless. The right chair can help ease back pain, loosen a stiff neck, and help prevent both muscular and nerve diseases all by keeping your body in the correct alignment. Source: 31 Beautiful Computer Chairs ThatRead More →

I’m weird in that I can’t usually get into traditional card games, but I can totally get behind Reflection Cards from Holstee . Aimed at sparking more meaningful conversation between family, friends, or strangers, I love that it encourages moving past small talk and avoiding eye contact. Source: Cards forRead More →

Studio Marcus Kraft has updated the brand identity as well as designed the 2018 campaign for the Zürcher Theater Spektakel, focusing on the top-class productions from all over the world. The Zürcher Theater Spektakel starts its 39th season on 16 August. Source: Studio Marcus Kraft has updated the brand identityRead More →

Madrina is a Dallas-based Mexican restaurant that takes culinary influence from French cuisine and fine-dining culture. Mast designed this restaurants’ brand to visually represent that dichotomy at each touchpoint; from the layering in the logotype to the faceted hexagon that is present on tables, floor tiles, and door handles. Source:Read More →

Photographers We work with photographers documenting creative stories around the world. We’re glad that you are interested in helping us convey our passion through photography. Please send us an email with the subject heading ” #photographers “, a link to your portfolio, your location and suggestions of creative subjects youRead More →

MAUSA Vauban Museum is the second museum opening dedicated to street-art in France, located in the town of Neuf-Brisach (Haut-Rhin), and inaugurated on July 7, 2018. Indeed, to celebrate the 10 years of the Vauban citadel inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this exceptional place which includes more thanRead More →

Whether you’re designing a garden from scratch or trying to figure out ways to make your current garden more attractive, you might want to consider looking at garden edging ideas. Garden edging is not mandatory. Plenty of gorgeous garden spaces simply sit right next to the lawn. Source: 5 StylishRead More →

Contributed by Bretin Jean-Philippe Léonard Oliviero for Récolte . License: All Rights Reserved . The packaging of Récolte is fuss-free and simple, yet radiates a sense of nostalgia. Created by the Parisian designer Jean-Philippe Bretin , it makes use of a single colour, a single typeface – Drury Lane NFRead More →

Main Takeaways The Coolest Cooler is a great outdoor adventure accessory. The blender was surprisingly effective, and the speaker provided some great music for us as we tore down the main body of the cooler. I still mourn the loss of the cooler and want one of my own toRead More →