Hairdressing Website Fresh

Fresh is a Hairdressing website theme. The primary font that is used for the copy is Open Sans. Open Sans is one of the favourite fonts as it clean and upright forming a neutral, yet friendly appearance. It has been designed for its legibility and is a terrific font that works across print, the web and mobile interfaces.

The home page has a beautiful hero image. The gift of this photo is to communicate INSTANT loveliness. Think of HER and be happy. Your salon deserves the best, professional web design. Let your website communicate the essence of your craft – it needs so much more than what your cousin or kid neighbour can throw together.

Think seamless

While the hamburger icon is the standard method of navigating on a smart phone and tablet, we include it on the desktop providing a more smooth transition between the mobile and desktop version of the design.

iPhone iPad mockup hairdressing website

If you like this design or have some ideas, please Get in Touch.

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