The Colour Red

The colour red is the colour that attracts attention, excites curiosity and arouses to action.  Red is psychologically stimulating, and it can be used to increase blood circulation.  Representing passion and power, red is the colour that will attract the most attention. The color red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with danger, war, energy strength, determination desire, and love.

Red is one of the primary colours; it was the first colour to be given a name. As a colour that is striking too much can make people uncomfortable. Hence, in design, its use is recommended only to highlight relevant information.

Colour of Passion

Red is the color of passion, love, and hate.  It is visceral colour and in many regards is the colour of the body. We go red when are angry or embarrassed.  Red symbolises love, in the most erotic sense. We give red roses to our lover.

By being associated with fire, red also represents desire, energy, heat and pleasure.  Red is the colour of extroverts.

As the colour of blood, red is also associated with war aggression and anger. Red was chosen by the workers during the nineteenth and twentieth century.  The Communist parties and the extreme left have adopted the colour red that symbolises the blood that was spilled in these struggles.

Ralph Lauren Advertisement
Red Ralph Lauren Advertisement

Warning Signals

Red is quickly noticed by the human eye, long before other colours.  It is for this reason at night especially red is used to warn of impending danger. Red flashing lights are used on emergency service vehicles.  Red is used to indicate fire exits in theatres., factories and hotels and to mark the dangerous parts of machinery.

If any colour needs to get our attention, sounds a warning that colour is red. It stops us in our tracks at a traffic light.  Even those with only a passing interest in football know that a player is leaving the pitch when shown the ‘red card’.


Red has been associated with nobility and has symbolised power and wealth.  Even today the red carpet is used in events in which celebrities or distinguished persons are being acknowledged.

Duchess and Duke of Cambridge
Duchess and Duke of Cambridge

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