Google launches new art and and culture application

Google Arts and Culture
Screenshot of landing page for Google Arts and Culture

Google developed a new application that allows users to view works of hundreds of artists and iconic places, all with Google Arts & Culture’. I have found a much-wanted distraction from the US election.

Wander the World

In the last couple of days, I have taken a 360-degree stroll around Stonehenge, Avebury.  I have had a browse at the medium of glass and a closer inspection of the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany.  I dabbled in the German art movement – Bauhaus style and found myself filtering the collection by colour.

Glass Medium
Google Arts & Culture – Glass Medium

The platform contains works of over a thousand museums in 70 countries, making its collection extensively varied and you will be able to find everything from photographs, prehistoric art, the art of ancient Greece, expressionism, anywhere in the world, from America to Asia.

Historical Places

Another quality of the app is that you can visit historical places with Street View so that immersion is complete with a 360-degree view.

360-degree view of Theatre de Rio

Search Flexibility

Users have the ability to search from different perspectives, either by colour, in time, artistic movement, prominent figures depicted in art and historical moments and characters.

Smartphone and Tablet App

The application is available for smartphones and a website.  A web designer needs to be well rounded in all aspects of art and design.  This new project although still in Beta allows the user the excellent opportunity to explore the art and culture of the world from the convenience of their tablet, smartphone or desktop.

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