Beautiful Website – ArtandAbout

Art and About Website screen shot
Art and About Website screen shot

I was browsing the art and about website on the weekend, what a pleasure. As you scroll down the page, smoothly and seamlessly, the images appear and disappear in the same manner. It compels you to keep scrolling to satisfy your curiosity as to what is going to happen next. It’s scrolling design also works well on a smartphone and as I reduced the size of the browser the website accommodated without a fuss.

The photography is beautiful, and the choice of a black and white hero image for the cabaret show the Glittering Mile piques the curiosity. The font “Reso Light” is used as a heading, it is an experimental geometric typeface that is available in 5 weights.


It works well for a short heading and the grape colour of the headings connects well to the call to action (CTA). Incidentally, I ended up buying tickets.


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