I am dog walking for a friend, and it provided me with the opportunity to explore some of the local Redfern street art.  A couple of pieces were on Cleveland Street, and I have never been able to get an opportunity to get a photo, until now… Enjoy… AdvertisementsRead More →


Glyphs rise above language and culture Glyphs are the graphical symbols that are more or less universally used. Typical are the plus and the minus signs in mathematics.  Margaret Mead, the American Anthropologist, suggested them as a means of a new international language.  As a “Graphic Designer,” I like the particularRead More →

Great web design is that perfect balance between form and function. The quality of a design is not just about beautiful pixels. A well-designed website will provide insight into how a visitor may be expected to be treated, the integrity of your product or service. The design of your websiteRead More →

Is your website loading too slowly? Websites are becoming laden with content, and this is going to affect the load time of your webpage. One method to reduce the frustration of your users is to add a Custom Preloader Screen. The first time my Wife and I travelled to BangkokRead More →

Photo CC – MsSaraKelly Internet advertising allows businesses to notify their customers about products, their brand, services.  The internet, as a means of global communication, offers advertisers a unique and often cost-effective way to reach their audiences. As with all media, however, Internet advertising has advantages and disadvantages. Internet advertisingRead More →