Website Ads – One Million Australians will not see them

Time Square Website Ads

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Internet advertising allows businesses to notify their customers about products, their brand, services.  The internet, as a means of global communication, offers advertisers a unique and often cost-effective way to reach their audiences. As with all media, however, Internet advertising has advantages and disadvantages.

Internet advertising is almost a necessity for modern enterprises, especially those doing business outside their local community. Consumers use the Internet for more than just entertainment or information, as they do with radio, television, magazines and newspapers. Consumers use the Internet to help them in almost every aspect of life, creating countless opportunities to place relevant advertising messages.


Comprehensive coverage and great power of segmentation: Website Ads allows us to reach a lot of people, but also gives us the option to segment the market, and specify the public to whom we want to address.Usually, the user pays for their ads based on the number of people arriving.

Low cost: Designing an ad for Internet is much less expensive to do it to other advertising media. And the same in the case of the launch of an advertising campaign.

Time savings: In addition to saving money, internet advertising allows us to save time by creating and editing a banner is a simple task that can take us a few minutes.

Two – way communication: Internet advertising, unlike traditional advertising, has a two – way communication, since the receiver can easily communicate with the creator, for example, through forms or email. It also allows immediate public access more information about the product or service being advertised. Just click on the ad and enter the advertiser ‘s website.

Easy measurement: Another advantage of online advertising is that the results of this can be controlled and easily measured. Through the various programs offered by the Internet (most of them for free), we can measure in real time the effectiveness of our advertising campaign.

Flexibility: Unlike traditional advertising, Internet advertising allows us to modify our ads or messages easily, or to fine tune the message with split testing. When the results of our advertising campaign are not producing the expected results, we can edit or change our advertisements immediately.


Leaves out whole segments of the population: Although it is a matter that surely will change over time. At the moment, all those who do not have a computer, network connection and knowledge of the environment can not access your Website Ads.

Rejection of commercial messages: Users are often sensitive to advertising, as it is considered invasive, the receipt of unsolicited advertisements constitute spam that is the primary barrier to effective communication via the Internet.

Not everyone can have access to the Internet: There are places around Australia that do not have an internet connection. People realise that even with the national broadband initiatives it may be a while before they have high-speed internet installed.Also, there is still a significant portion of the population that are Luddites and can not operate a computer. While they may want your services, they will not be informed of them via your website.


The Internet is likely to continue to play a significant role in the lives of people in the foreseeable future. If personal computers remain the predominant method of Internet access, global communication networks will probably be a reality for many generations, creating effective ways to send advertising messages to consumers in the community and worldwide.

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