Common Mistakes – Yes we have made some of them

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Great web design is that perfect balance between form and function. The quality of a design is not just about beautiful pixels. A well-designed website will provide insight into how a visitor may be expected to be treated, the integrity of your product or service. The design of your website should not only be beautiful, but it should also be smart and intuitive. Many businesses have raised their game recently, but it is useful to look at some of the mistakes of website design.

The following 5 most common mistakes of web design for small business websites.

1. People do not know what you do

If people do not know what you do in 5 seconds, you have lost them. It is important that your users grasp the general idea of what you do.

2. It is not capturing customersĀ 

Driving traffic is the step of a marketing strategy, but attracting prospects and getting back to them is number two. Do they have social media integration? We can achieve this by adding Facebook Likes and Twitter buttons. You can offer an option to sign up for a newsletter. Remember it is not the amount of people coming to your website today, it is the number of people that return.

3. You do not have a starting point

A user’s journey will begin on the Home Page. It is a series of small steps that are required to move your website visitors to where they need and want to be. Add value to your users experience so that they continue to follow your information and products. The value may be created by creating a video or providing information or teaching something. It is important that you make it worthwhile for visitors to your website.

4. Your contact information is not visibleĀ 

Your customer service should be front and center. There is nothing more frustrating for your website visitors not to be able to find contact information readily. What matters to your customers is that they will be able to communicate with you so that you can solve their problems.

5. Your website copy should be readableĀ 

If your site is viewed on a mobile device, the typeface should not be smaller than 18pts. On a desktop ideally, it should no smaller than 16 points. The spacing between letters and lines (leading and tracking) should be transparent to your users and reduce their anxiety when they are browsing the website.

At Bailey Street Design we use Grammarly to ensure that our website copy is readable.

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