Facebook Friends – Keep Your List Private

I use Facebook both professionally and personally and in doing this I have a responsibility to keep my data as secure as possible.  Facebook does not always facilitate this as its Privacy Settings are scattered throughout Facebook.  You may have to visit multiple areas to change those settings and it can become a confusing process.

Keep your friends list private

In some cases, any user may be able to see your Facebook friends list.  More Facebook users are choosing to hide their Facebook Friends lists which reduce the amount that third parties can learn about them.  The trend is driven by the increased awareness of Social Media users over privacy issues and how third parties might collect or use their data.

In order to hide your friend list on Facebook, you will need to take the following steps.

1. Go to your personal profile page and then click on the ‘Friends’ tab.


2. Select “Edit Privacy” and you will see the screen below.

facebook friends privacy
A screenshot on how to make your facebook friends private

Social Media and the manner in which we manage our personal data is changing at a lightning pace.  Remain aware of your privacy settings and protect your data.




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