Google Images and Royalty Free Images

When I am designing a website if the client has not provided me with images, I will use creative commons or open source images to display in the website mock-up.  Google images are one of the easiest methods to locate images that you will be able to use in a presentation or your website.

Let us have a look at how we do this;

In this example, I want to use a picture of a sunset as a ‘hero’ image on the landing page of a site.

1. Open Google images and search for the image that you require.  Click on ‘Search tools’ after your search has returned results.


2. In ‘Search Tools’ select ‘Usage Rights’  and then select ‘Labelled for Reuse”


3. The image that I have selected is a Wikipedia Image of a sunset.


4. Reference the image – Wikipedia makes it easy and provides a link that you add to your image.



Final Image



CC BY-SA 3.0


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