The Advantage of white space

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White space assists ‘readability’

“White space” is a design term that refers to the open space between or around text or design elements. White space is of particular importance in web site designs as it helps guide the reader’s eye from one area of the page to another.It enhances readability and balances the graphics on the page.

Do not be afraid of white space. Better a white space because you do not know what to put on the page than a collection of elements and type that are placed to fill up the page without some good reason for being there.

Text set apart in white space grabs attention

How much space?

The power of white space, much talked about is still misunderstood. The question is “how much space will it take?” Ten words on a single web page will often tell a better story, than ten pages covered from edge to edge. There are two ways to using white space. One is to clutter it with type; the other is to use it so that whatever is said has one hundred chances out of one hundred of being “seen” and “read”.

The distance between the green type and the paragraph allows the text to breathe

Easy to find phone numbers

The empty space around the words and graphics offers some breathing space and allows the brain to process the information. It places attention on the most important elements on the page and makes it easy for visitors to find the phone number, navigation links and contact information.

The white space around the images in this layout provide balance to the text below

Designing a smart phone layout in which the canvas is inherently small it often feels counterintuitive to put less elements on the page. There is something to be said for simplicity, leaving some space feels refreshing.

Eliminates clutter

White space helps create separation between objects on the pages and forces the designer to eliminate clutter. Avoid making the page look so jam-packed with information that it is overwhelming.When it comes to the copy say what you would say “powerfully”. Say it in the fewest possible words consistent with good sense and clarity. Place it so it arrests the eyes and grips the attention.

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