Superbetter – helps you play the ‘game of life’


Life, “All must play the game whether we want to or not”. I recently watched a TedTalk by the game theorist and designer Jane McGonigal.

A Google search a few clicks later I was playing her latest game Superbetter.

The idea of this app is that life’s challenges can be turned into a game. Superbetter is a iOS game that seeks to bridge the gap between video-game culture and what is now called happiness research. This is the notion that runs through Jane McGonigal’s book “Superbetter”.

Game that is a part game, part life coach and helps you achieve your health goals calls it a game that is a part game, part life coach and helps you achieve your health goals. The unit of measurement is resilience, and it is divided into four categories; physical, mental, emotional and social. The aim of the game is that resilience can be nurtured and we don’t have to wait until we are encountering difficulties to develop the emotional strength that will help handle the good times as well as the bad.


3 Characteristics of Resilience

Research on resilient persons suggests that they share three essential characteristics.

  • The belief they can control or influence events.
  • The ability to feel deeply committed to their activities.
  • A view of change as an exciting challenge.

It was in this frame of mind that I started to play.

As a beginner, I completed 3 Power-ups;

  • I chugged a glass of water.
  • I walked the dog around the block
  • I hugged myself


Screenshot of TO DO page


I also chose a Quest in the Physical Resilience category. It was easy perhaps even too easy; “Stand up and take three steps.” However, any journey from a state of inertia to movement can be kickstarted by taking small steps.

These positive activities increased my resilience level up to 22 points. I know from personal experience that resilience comes with having tools available in my emotional toolbox. I acknowledge that an iOS app cannot make me happier. However, I am encouraged to develop skills that will help reduce my stress, improve my health and encourage me to connect with others so that I can cope with whatever life decides to come my way.

Smart Little Game

As the game unfolds, you develop incrementally more and more skills and abilities. These skills become your own they are tangible and do not belong solely to your gaming avatar. What better is a game in a matter-of-fact approach to adversity that simply acknowledges that difficulty is part of life?

It is a smart, little game that empowers you to move in the direction of your happiness.

I encourage you to play the game with all your might. Put yourself into the game with all you have of your physical, mental and spiritual energy.

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