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I have just added an additional book page for my client, Tony Parks website. Tonys 13th African novel, Red Earth has been released in various formats in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK.

Tony is doing a limited tour of Australia to promote the release of Red Earth, and you can find all his speaking engagements at Tony on Tour. With Tonys permission I am including some of his sentiments from his most recent newsletter.

Background for Red Earth

Tony and his Wife divide their time between Sydney and South Africa. A friend of Tonys, Andrew Botha is the head of birds of prey research and conservation for the The Endangered Wildlife Trust. He specialises in vultures and suggested to Tony that he include the dire plight of these magnificent birds in one of his novels.

The lead character in Red Earth is a vulture researcher. Through his eyes you will be able to read about the problems that vultures are facing today.

Lappet faced Vulture - Wikipedia

Vultures are killed by traders in traditional medicine who peddle the ridiculous notion that sleeping with a vultures head under your pillow or ingesting powered vulture head will help you see into the future to be able to win the lottery or something equally ridiculous.

Also, vultures are being deliberately poisoned by poacher who kill rhinos and elephants. Vultures give away the location of a freshly killed animal and help rangers get to the crime scene quickly – for this reason they are a threat to poachers.

The net result of all this killing is that there are now fewer vultures than there are rhinos in South Africa and they’re are declining at a far faster rate.

The glimmer of hope is that a few good people are working very hard to save this iconic species. You can read about the work of Andre and EWT here

Red Earth – Synopsis


On the outskirts of Durban, Suzanne Fessey fights back during a vicious carjacking. She kills one thief but the other, wounded, escapes with her baby strapped into the back seat.
Called in to pursue the missing vehicle are helicopter tracker pilot Nia Carras from the air, and Mike Dunn, a nearby wildlife researcher, from the ground.
But South Africa’s police have even bigger problems: a suicide bomber has killed the visiting American Ambassador, and chaos has descended on Kwa-Zulu Natal.
As the missing baby is tracked through wild game reserves from Zululand to Zimbabwe, Mike and Nia come to realise that the war on terror has well and truly invaded their part of the world.

‘Gripping action thrillers…never disappoints as a storyteller’

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