The Sticky Tagline


A well-written tagline is a useful and valuable piece of marketing. Unfortunately, most taglines are not well written. A tagline created with care and thought is an easy way to communicate what is different and special about your brand. In the age of Twitter, a tagline is a perfect fit for the quickness and speed of the digital age.
It conveys a message in less time than a tweet and less space than a text message.

No matter what your business does, your tagline will help create that first impression. People will remember a tag phrase even before a company name. Nikes “Just do it” is that command that has established itself in our modern lexicon.


The purpose of a tagline is to create curiosity in your brand. It is an attraction device. An effective tagline is to draw in the customer and get them to start asking questions: “How do you do that?” or “What do you mean?” When a tagline rings true, it will strengthen your identity. When it is memorable over time, it helps your brand build trust and loyalty. An effective tagline will tell them not only what you do, but also the style and the personality of your business.

Keep Simple, and concise

Your tagline will need to be simple, concise, clear and understandable. A tagline is eight words or fewer. Is your business different if it is say so. You need to be able to get the tagline down to a single thought, keep it uncluttered.

Keep Tagline Consistent

While it is important to recognise when your brand might need a new direction, there is also something said for consistency. Switching a tagline is like always changing your name and address. People will lose track of you. Hold your course. Once your tagline is created stick with it, dont just change it because you are tired of it.

Tagline an emotional connection

Your tagline should embody emotion. It should alert your audience that your business is, in fact, different, more appealing, more human. Employ the use of active verbs as they will help engage your audience.

A well-crafted tagline will reinforce the mission of your business and will distinguish it from your competitors. It will bring a consistent tone of voice to all your communications and branding efforts. Over time, a strong tagline will foster awareness for your product or service and begin to build trust in your business.

Unique cadence sound signature

A tagline should be strong, powerful and stands alone. Avoid platitudes such as the word “life,” or “passion” you are different so say so. I

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