I  have just finished watching the  trailer for Blade Runner.  If you are a fan of science fiction, take a look at the first preview of Blade Runner 2046, which takes place 30 years after the previous film.  Harrison Ford returns and it also stars Ryan Gosling.

I enjoyed the original and it still looks like a classic today.  Science Fiction films have a tendency to date however Blade Runner has evolved into a classic.  It was a fun film because it used the various styles of classic films.  Many elements of the film mimic the timeless detective stories.  Ryan Gosling seems an inspired casting decision and has the charisma of the alpha male.  The original was basically a detective chasing down bad guys.  In the trailer Gosling appears to be a detective  Ford’s character Deckard confirms this by remarking, “I had your job once, I was good at it.”

“Blade Runner 2046” is a wonderful opportunity to experience the stunning visual style of the original.  The teaser trailer provides a glimps of the futuristic imagined version of Los Angeles that is still dazzling to the eye.

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