Facebook  Christmas present for geeks is a new Facebook Messenger camera app that incorporates new features such as 3D masks and special effects.

It is not just Japanese school girls but every day more than 2,500 million emoji are sent in Facebook Messenger.  

Among them, include those incorporating motifs and Christmas icons to celebrate the holidays with friends and family via messaging system Facebook.   I got down to the business end of the morning and opened up the Facebook messenger app on my iPhone. The new camera is now more accessible within Messenger, just a touch, even if you are conducting a conversation the app button is on the Startup tab of the app.

It is conveniently located in the centre of the screen, easy to press it there just to take a picture or record a video.The tool now allows to apply filters to the whole picture and added thousands of stickers, frames, masks and effects to choose or customise as you wish.

Also, you can also completely customise the message by clicking on the icon in the palette, which take the user to a blank canvas where you can add creative and stickers to the text.

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