Rain Animation – soothing meditative quality.


Rain Animation Effect

Check out the new effect I have created with the Adobe Muse rain widget from the creative team at MuseFree.

We love to use the amazing tools and widgets and adapt them for use in our design projects.

This effect reminds me how much I love the city in the rain.  While the rainfall inconveniences some many others welcome it.  The rain replenishes the reservoirs, and cleans the street.  Thousand of rainsdrops form the backdrop for this meditative urban scene.  When I focus on them they can look like a pure abstraction.

Why your website needs a rain effect?

Relaxs and calms.

It is calming and relaxing and provides visual texture to your ‘hero image’.  It communicates new beginnings and washing away the past making the most of the moments we have been given.

Communicates Change

Animation is a visual device that varies over time.  It help forms an association of phenomena that come and go.  Perhaps you might want to use the rain animation as visual device when there is a spell of rain in your city.   This creates the idea that your business adapts itself to a changing environment.

Visualising three dimensional structures

A website animation an also be used to emphasise the the three dimensional nature of objects and help your users visulise spatial structure.  I find that animation and three dimensionality allows your business to step out from the browser.

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