Web Design Considerations for 2017

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When planning your new website this year, it is important to understand not only what your customers want to see on it but also how they want to see it.

Web design should be a fundamental part of the digital marketing strategy and one that businesses pay attention to. The experts from BizReport , have identified the following characteristics of a high functioning effective website for 2017.

Mobile friendly design is a must

As the new year gets underway, mobile design considerations are fundamental for any website. It is no longer ok to leave the mobile side aside to solve the issue with a temporary stop-gap measure. Mobile web design in 2017 is a fundamental top-level issue in a businesses website strategy. The message is similar to last year, the importance of mobile and responsive design is central to any site planning.

Consumers are increasingly accessing the websites of companies from their mobile devices, which means that there is no choice but to consider mobile design. Mobile friendly websites are fundamental to SEO positioning on Google. Google algorithm will penalise website sites that are not mobile-friendly.

It is not just about changing sizes; it has to work

One of the mistakes that can be made when thinking about how to adapt to mobile screens what is being done is to think that it is simply a matter of changing the size of your website content to fit smaller screens. In reality, the issue is much more complex, and businesses need to be more aware of how technological changes have impacted their business. Those responsible have to wonder if the content is easy ti read or if the experience on the site is the same on mobile as on the desktop since these are the elements that help to understand that things are doing well.

Secure communication with https

Consumers are sophisticated, and they are also increasingly concerned with issues such as the security of their data. During, 2017 experts expect that the https protocol for secure communication over a network will have even more weight and more presence. It will become a factor in website ranking in 2017.

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