Why People Fail

The Reasons for Failure

reasons for failure
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There is a cause for everything! Nothing ever just happens. If you do not get a promotion to a better job there is a reason.

If you lose your job there is a reason. There are many causes that lead to failure. Here is a list of the most common causes.

  1. Finding fault with others, but never seeing your own.
  2. Doing as little as possible and trying to get as much as possible for it. This is called ‘entitlement’.
  3. Spending too much time in showing up another’s weak points and too little time correcting your own.
  4. Gossiping about those you do not like.
  5. Procrastination – putting off until tomorrow something that we should have done the day before yesterday.
  6. Lying. Talking in a friendly manner to another’s face and stabbing them in the back when they turn around.
  7. Disloyalty to those who have trusted us.
  8. Egotism – the belief that we know it all and no one can teach us anything.

The substance of this article was sourced from the Advocate.

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