5 Reasons to change the look of your website

Responsive design and web devices
If the design of your website is not achieving the results that you hoped for, then it is time to determine the reasons and make the necessary changes. Whether you intend to alter the design of your website by enhancing its visual look and feel or by improving its elements that will help your site work better and help it achieve your business goals. Whilst there are many excellent reasons to upgrade your website here are some of the main ones.

1. Your website is not getting the results that you want?


If your site is not getting your business the results you want, then it is time to reconsider its design. Your website exists to support your business by either building your customer base, boosting sales, providing information. With your new look website you will want to examine conversion rates, the number of visitors and/or subscribers. Some of the design aspects that you should consider are:

  • Do your call to actions convert visitors into subscribers and customers?
  • Do your landing pages inspire people to learn more or are they simply beautiful pages that provide little value.
  • Is your ‘copy’ overly complicated and corporate and text heavy.
  • Does the look of your website correspond with the look and feel of your business? In another word does it represent your brand?
  • Does the tone and style of your website appeal to your target audience

2.Your website does not work?


This seems obvious, but you have probably visited a site that is so dated that it just does not work. The functionality of your website should be a priority. Otherwise, you will not achieve the traffic or conversions that your business requires. You should ask the following questions;

  • Can a visitor easily find the content that they are after, such as contact information.
  • Is it easy and intuitive to navigate your website?
  • Is the content organised in a logical way?
  • Is the information on your offerings and services up to date?

3. Does Your Website fit the 3 Screens?

responsive design

According to 2013 statistics (US) over 25% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

If the design of your website is not responsive and does not allow your website to be viewed on tablet devices or your smartphone then you are missing the opportunity to capture subscribers and visitors to your site.

4. Incorporate an effective content strategy

Having excellent content on your website can improve the loyalty of your customer and the visibility of your site. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and it is with this in mind that the content of your site should be updated on a regular basis. Ňí√¶It is useless if your content is excellent quality but your users cannot find it. If you are thinking about updating your web content strategy, the following are some of the questions that you can ask.

  • Can the visitors to your website find your content?
  • Can search engines see and index your content.

5. Are the tools of your site outdated?

Outdated Plug-in

If you use a content management system such as WordPress or Joomla you probably using third party applications, such as eCoomerce plugins, SEO and Analytics plugins.If these tools are outdated then your website may not be working as it intended. You will need to ask.

  • Are all of your website plugins working the way that they are meant to.
  • Are they slowing down the speed of your site.
  • Are there newer versions available?

Nothing bothers clients more if the plugins on their websites are no longer working. Make sure that you sign up for the most recent tools.

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