El Salvador Gets its own Branding

Explosión_Dual_El_Salvador_Español_rgb1-970x954.jpgI was reading today graffica (with the help of Google translate). Interbrand, a multinational branding consultancy has been involved in the creation of the brand for El Salvador. They have created a visual identity aimed at inspiring their citizenry and placing El Salvador on the global map.

Interbrand utilised the thorough analysis and work that had done by the Government of El Salvador. It developed and identified the main opportunities that differentiated the country regarding investment, promotion and tourism.

The new brand aimed to be a patriotic symbol that invites foreign and national investors to encourage entrepreneurial projects. However, most importantly it encourages its citizens to take pride in their country and to take leadership through collective and individual effort.

The central concept and graphic element of the logo is the letter “V”, that is in the middle of the name of the country. The Kaledoscope of images takes the shape of the V, and communicates the cultural, religious and natural environment and diversity of El Salvador.

“El Salvador” as a name is central to the branding concept and visually it is bold and confident and instills strength and charisma.

A terrific example of how branding can communicate the vision and aspirations of a country more so than can be expressed in just mere words.

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