Virtual Assistants – I am not sure?

My Wife has surprised me on several occasions conducting an illicit conversation with Siri. "Siri, turn on the lights" is most likely going to be my new mantra. I am excited by the idea of being the master of my domain and barking orders to my unflustered and calm virtual assistant. Telstra Home starter kit … Continue reading Virtual Assistants – I am not sure?

iTunes … coming to Windows Store

You can download iTunes ... in Windows Store! The days when Microsoft could not mention Apple have been left behind. The Microsoft Store has announced the arrival of iTunes to its Windows Store application store, which means that the 500 million users of Microsoft's new operating system will have access to the content store created … Continue reading iTunes … coming to Windows Store


Typography in Web Design

When browsing online, typography is viewers first impression. It creates an experience and atmosphere communicating a message and personality. When deciding on a font, you have to ask how you want your user to feel? The audience relies on the text to communicate a message so has to be a priority for any web designer. … Continue reading Typography in Web Design