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My Wife has surprised me on several occasions conducting an illicit conversation with Siri.

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“Siri, turn on the lights” is most likely going to be my new mantra. I am excited by the idea of being the master of my domain and barking orders to my unflustered and calm virtual assistant. Telstra Home starter kit is tempting although the responsibility is daunting having all my devices under my command.There is no doubt that the combination of Artificial Intelligence with a virtual voice assistant is one of the great advances of our time. In this, most manufacturers agree, but there is no doubt that people do not use their virtual assistants on a regular basis.

With the announcement of the arrival of Google Assistant to iOS, the glances have turned again to the voice assistants. I still find it odd speaking to Siri, and I am too self-conscious to do it in public. Of which Google and Apple do not want to lose their advantage. Despite the fact that consumer uptake has been underwhelming.

Although no manufacturer acknowledges it, third-party studies cannot be more pessimistic: Hubspot saw 37% monthly usage rates for Siri, 23% for Cortana and Alexa Of Amazon stays at 19%.

It is true that a voice assistant can be useful and there are several causes that may be preventing its expansion:

– The lack of effectiveness: it is evident that the vast majority of behaviours can be temperamental. I am still perfecting the art of getting Siri to dial for me while I am driving. It is true that on most occasions that I can get it to work, but it fails only once so that I lose confidence and give up.

– Ignorance: There are many people who are not aware of Siri or Google Assistant capabilities and unless they actively find out it remains a mystery.

– Embarrassment: A study conducted by Creative Strategies revealed that Siri usage rates soared in private and that most users preferred not to use it in public.

The future is promising for voice assistants, but much remains to be done to convince people to use their voice to interact with their device. Siri, “What do you think?”

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