Typography Choice and Luxury

Typography has a major role in creating a luxury effect on a website.  Traditionally the luxury brands have used serif and script typefaces, to convey wealth and prosperity.  These typefaces are safe choices and like any classic design have stood the test of time.

Sans Serif

Newer brands are redefining the typography of luxury with sans-serif typefaces and simplified composition.


Herbivore loosens up the leading and tracking of their typography


All CAPS with lots of leading and tracking.  Well spaced typography gives a sense of spaciousness and luxury.

White Space

Space properly used can be effective as an illustration or typography in conveying an appearance of extravagant luxury.  In most cases, a website that wants to convey a luxurious feeling, the typography is doing all the work so it needs to be on point.


NARS – website uses all caps with tight tracking.


Unobtrusive and elegant – Lisa Franklin home page



teamSimon is a Sydney based digital designer. He is the Director of a boutique digital design studio, Bailey Street Design located in the vibrant inner west suburb of Newtown.  Simon studied graphic design at Shillington College and specialises in web design for small and medium size businesses.  Simon and his team (Toby the studio dog) are passionate about visual communication in the digital environment


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