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Social media is vital for a business to reach customers and stay competitive. At the moment small business owners are seeing the greatest results from social media marketing. We wanted to share some tips with you on how to be successful when using social media platforms.

Engagement not sales

It is so important to engage with your customers on every platform and not just purely sell. It improves your reputation and gains trust. Audience comes first. Think about conversations in their interest and share stuff they love. This will lead to further conversations where ideas can be shared and relationships built.

I read an article by Chris Lema where he was comparing Nike and Converse on Facebook. Converse had 3 times the likes of Nike despite Nike having a much larger range of products and a beautifully designed site. The reason became clear when you compared the two sites. Nike were purely selling whereas Converse were sharing music links and engaging in lots of conversations around this. This highlights the point again; donā€™t just sell add value and trust by stimulating conversation and communication between people in a personal and natural way.


Make sure your brands personality is clear on your social networks. Your social profile may be more important than your website.

Know your goals

Make sure your social media goals mesh with your overall business goals.


Mobile phones are at the forefront of social media. Most internet activity is being done through a mobile device so plan accordingly and make sure your social media platforms are responsive.

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