The Importance of Privacy Policy

The Importance of Privacy Policy


The collection of accurate personal information from your site users is essential to the health of small and medium businesses. According to a 2006 Singapore research, the adoption of privacy notices is a “fundamental prerequisite for firms soliciting information from their clients”. Regardless of the sensitivity of the information being sought privacy notices are vital in the collection of accurate information from online consumers.

Website users are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting their personal information online. Business websites, blogs should all include a privacy policy that outlines how you intend to protect the data you collect. Not only because of the legal reasons but because it helps your website build trust with your customers and users of your business site.

It is not advisable to cut and paste a privacy policy from an another website. There are companies that provide these services. Legal Vision has an online document service and a Free Website Privacy Policy Template Download. (link

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Xie, E., Hock-Hai Teo, & Wan, W. (2006). Volunteering personal information on the Internet: Effects of reputation, privacy notices, and rewards on online consumer behavior. Marketing Letters, 17(1), 61-74. doi:


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