7 Characteristics of ‘Good’ Web Design

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If you want your website design to be considered, exciting and original it is important that your website adheres to some of the essential features like versatility, simplicity and communication.

1. The concept:

If there is no message, no history, no idea, no narrative, no useful experience, there is no design or creativity.

2. Design and creativity are communication, not decoration:

A well-designed website should convey the essence of the brand through a message and creative concept; it does not need to be overly colourful or flashy. If the design is simple and clean, it allows the message to breathe.

3. Good design and creativity are universal and timeless:

A good idea and a good design are oblivious to fashion and trends.Good design and creativity are versatile:

Good design should be able to be applied with different collateral. It should look good in various applications such as business cards, banners or books.

5. Good design and creativity are simple:

Research has a concept and invests time, they are synonymous with simplicity. No clogging of elements, be consistent with the colour contribute to a simple and effective design.

6. Good design is innovative and creative:

Innovation is essential within the design. Change is inevitable and the way we interact with the internet will change. Web design will have to adapt to the many different methods that we engage and connect with the web.

7. Good design and creativity help to understand the message:

An essential point, the design has to help understand the concept of the brand. Effective web design is the art of communicating.

Good web design connects with the audience, directing and maintaining attention and promote understanding the message. If you would like to receive a free web design review of your website Get in Touch.

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