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Logos and Your Brand

Logos are the graphic representation of your company and may consist of a symbol, an illustration or be represented typographically.  A well-designed logo helps your brand stand out from the competition.

As a visual representation of the company, logos should be able to have the following characteristics:

Attracts the attention of users.  It is important that the logos actually engages the user in a positive manner.
• It creates a positive impression of your company.  The logo should be confident and not have a hidden meaning that may be misinterpreted.
• Originality and individuality combined.  The logo should not be plagiarised, it should help create a point of difference.  My general rule is if everyone else is doing it then avoid it i.e. ‘The Tree of Life’ for a Yoga Studio.
• Conveys professionalism.  The logo should be consistent with the image that you want your particular company to express.

A combination of brilliant simplicity, practical and high recognition value provides a basis for the development of a professional corporate identity and an appealing corporate design. As the logo is an important part of your brand and it is what your customers will see first, make sure you avoid the common mistakes.

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