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FS Albert Typography Chart

Designing type for a living is a bit like recording a song. You can promote it, but you never ever really know if it will be a hit.

Jason Smith developed the Font FS Albert which is the main font that we use at Bailey Street Design for all our branding collateral. He established Fontsmith in 1997, Jason describes it as “Very human and full of character.”

Jason has said that he wanted to create a font that was perfect in each letter. He said that he was initially inspired by his infant son who was a bit of a chunky kid. He says that he son initially thought it was funny but was a little offended that Jason thought that he was a fat baby.

The beauty of FS Albert as a font is the attention to detail. “I tried to question every character but all you need is to have that X factor.”

Jason describes FS Albert as a typeface with a good solid corporate design, but warmed up a bit with the soft corners. “The sell was a robust and a strong font, with a human, friendly face.”

This personality was exactly what drew us to the font when we were branding our studio. It is strong, polished and professional while at the same time maintains a level of friendliness and humanity in the rounded corners and character width. It is also versatile, working well at large scale as well as body copy. As a font, it embodies the personality of Bailey Street Design and so was perfect for our company brand.

Jason stated the whole development and expansion of the font including the narrow set, took about four months. There are around 800 glyps in FS Albert.

teamSimon is a Sydney based digital designer. He is the Director of a boutique digital design studio, Bailey Street Design located in the vibrant inner west suburb of Newtown.  Simon studied graphic design at Shillington College and specialises in web design for small and medium size businesses.  Simon and his team (Toby the studio dog) are passionate about visual communication in the digital environment

If you are interested in our branding packages call and speak to Simon on 02 9565 5612.

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