Cropping images – creates visual interest

Leave it in or out?

One can make an enormous impact on the ‘look and feel’ of a image with the wise choices about what should be included, and what should not. This process is known as cropping and is a fundamental image manipulation technique. Cropping alters the original visual; it changes the outer shape, its internal scale, and how the inner content is framed and can modify the focus.

Two bears
Photo was taken on my iPhone
The cropped image removes the bears from their environment. Ā The close-up makes the image more intimate

It is important to understand the distinction between cropping, which is the digital equivalent of cutting a photograph with a pair of scissors and resizing or resampling which is a technique designer will use to reduce the dimensions of an image to Web-appropriate sizes.

In the digital context cropping is the act of cutting a visual whether it is a photograph, or an illustration using only a part of it, not its entirety.

Sliced tomato for drying
Close-up on the tomatoes – choice to exclude the background makes the image more powerful

Careful cropping or retouching can make an artistic or aesthetic statement out of what would not be as visually exciting.

Cropping an image is a technique that makes the imagery seem apart of the overall design and not the focal point.

The beauty of smartphones is that you can crop the image almost immediately after it capturing it or you can edit it the photo imaging app installed on your device.

teamSimon is a Sydney based digitalĀ designer. He isĀ the Director of a boutique digital design studio, Bailey Street Design located in the vibrant innerĀ west suburb of Newtown. Ā Simon studied graphic design at Shillington College and specialises in web design for small and medium sizeĀ businesses.Ā  Simon and his team (Toby the studio dog) are passionate about visual communication in the digital environment


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