Adobe demonstrates variable fonts

Adobe has offered a sneak peek to variable fonts coming to Photoshop CC. This new Open type format allows you to add attributes to fonts, be it size, thickness or angle of tilt. The idea is to be able to create a combination of fonts quite easily for its future documents. We do not know however when the functionality will be proposed; Adobe is evoking a very vague, “Coming soon”.

Variable fonts are still relative newcomers to the digital design environment. The open type font system allows designers to adjust parts of the font individually, without affecting the others. Variable fonts enable users to change the weight, width, and slant allowing a designer to create their italic, choose the thickness of a bold font or create a new look combining three.

Variable fonts offer new design possibilities for responsive web design. Dynamic, responsive typography offers the prospect of type adapting to the ever-changing screens, browsers and different devices.

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