Augmented Reality and smart phones

Smart device showing augmented reality or AR app on screen.
My wife and I are redesigning our backyard, and we are getting to the stage where we are required to draw up plans. I came across an application for my iPhone the other day called magicplan. I used it to create a plan of our backyard so that I could draw up a reasonable looking plan of our deck, grass and water feature placement. Magicplan uses augmented reality technology that allowed me to create a plan within minutes. I captured the details of my backyard using my iPhone 8 and iOS 11 and walked freely marking out my garden with my phone.
This visual computer enhanced world is not just available to the cyborgs in a terminator movie. Increasingly it can be found on smartphones, for free or very inexpensive, through applications that provide “augmented reality.”
These applications take advantage of the phones GPS, camera and compass features and access to high-speed wireless networks or Wi-Fi that mashes up web content with the world that surrounds you. Pokemon Go exposed us to this technology in a big way last year where it was all the rage for a couple of months. Augmented reality, layers digital information on top of a live video or the uses environment in real time. Augmented reality is likely to gain traction through smartphone devices that we carry around with us all the time. As Apple will have picked up augmented reality, its potential consumers will be apparent.
I am looking forward to seeing how its development pans out over the next couple of years.

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