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Screenshot of a thumbnail for video in El Pais. Article on technology that provides facial imagery in to still photos.

An algorithm developed by researchers from the University of Tel Aviv gives life to static images.

Researchers wanted to solve a fundamental visual problem that computers have when animating facial gestures so that they look realistic. The researchers from the University of Tel Aviv created an algorithm that achieves the unthinkable: giving life to a photograph of a face.

The principal of the alogarithm developed by researchers is simple, but the application is extremely complicated. The technology creates a grimace, smile or any number of other facial gestures from a static image; in other words, an additional fictitious movement is created and added to the image. The technology imitates the expressions of real persons and adapts the geometric variations and incorporates the typical details of the faces such as wrinkles and creases.

The main advantage of this technology is that it can be applied to any image, and make that face suddenly come alive with surprising realism. The technology will likely be favoured on social networks. One can imagine where Facebook avatars could soon become animated gifts with faces grimacing from a static photo.

The BBC is reporting that the project has been developed in collaboration with “a leading social network” with what we could soon see as our profiles transformed thanks to this algorithm.

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