8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

One World One Web

If you own a business and do not have a website what are you waiting for?  Sites are a relatively inexpensive form of marketing that can help you expand your customer base and give you control over your business’s on-line presence.  It can help create a dialogue between you and your customers.  If you are not online, then consumers will just not find you.

1.  Consumers and researching and shopping on-line.

When was the last time that you used the Yellow Pages to find a product or service? The reality is that the internet has replaced the phone book for finding out about business.  People cannot buy from you if they do not know where you are?

2.  Your competition has a website and is taking your business.

As mentioned consumers are looking for products, services and information on-line.  This means that your potential customers are finding your competitions products and services and buying from them instead.

3.  Consumers want to know about you before they buy.

Consumers are smarter than ever about how they want to spend their money.  They are not just looking for a great price and convenience, but they also wish to reviews, tips and information.  They want to know that your business can provide them with value.

4.  You can expand your reach.

A website, yes even your website is available to a global audience 24/7.   A website can help your business find customers or clients who would not otherwise use or respond to traditional marketing.   If your target market is spread throughout the country or the world, the internet is the only place that you can get them all.

5.  You may provide information, sales and customer support 24/7.

Having a website for the sake of being online is worthless, you need to consider how your website can work for you.  A website can provide information about your products and services and sell them even while you are sleeping.  Your website might help your customers answer questions and provide tutorials so that they can the most out of your products and services.

6.   You can increase engagement with your customers.

Now more than ever, consumers want to be heard, and they want businesses to engage with them personally.  A website offers your business a way to create a community around your products and services, get feedback, provide support, and enable your fans to share information about your business on their networks.

7.  Get more control over the conversation about your business.

Even if you do not have a website, potential customers are talking about you online.  They are using Social Media, or they are publishing their comments on online forums.  Having a site gives you more control over the conversation and allows you to lead it.  If you are getting negative comments, you can respond with solutions and customer support. If they are saying great things, you can thank them.

8.  Websites offer the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

Compared to other forms of marketing such as advertising and Yellow Pages, websites are inexpensive.  When you consider that the internet is the first place that your customers will go for information, you realise that having a website will be the easiest way for them to find you.

In today’s marketplace beyond having a web presence, a website creates opportunities to grow your business and enhance your brand.

teamSimon is a Sydney based digital designer. He is the Director of a boutique digital design studio, Bailey Street Design located in the vibrant inner west suburb of Newtown.  Simon studied graphic design at Shillington College and specialises in web design for small and medium-size businesses.  Simon and his team (Toby the studio dog) are passionate about visual communication in the digital environment.

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