Design News – Tuesday, 14th of November 2017

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Tuesday the 14th of November 2017.

A daily eclectic mix of some of the best design news from around the world.

This Is The World’s Coolest Marble Run

Installed at the Gana Art Center, in Seoul, Loop is as much a visual experience as it is an aural one. Every five seconds, visitors are invited to release glass marbles onto one of the four intertwined tracks.

This Social Network Thinks It’s Solved The Internet’s Harassment Problem

Social networks are the worst thing about the internet right now. From Facebook to Twitter to Reddit, they’re cesspools of harassment, bullying, and fake news-the last place people with mental health problems would want to share their stories. But a new social networking app called Huddle claims to be a truly safe digital space.

MoMa Gives A Behind-The-Scenes Look At How It Designs Exhibits

Guests of Fast Company’s Innovation Festival were treated to a behind-the-scenes viewing of MoMa’s design process for the museum’s “Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait” hosted by MoMa’s Lana Hum and Ingrid Chou. Hum is MoMa’s director, Exhibition Design and Production, and Chou is MoMa’s associate creative director, Graphic Design and Advertising.

Colourful cabinetry offsets white interior of Bauhaus apartment in Tel Aviv

Striking green, blue and copper accents create focal points within this otherwise monochromatic apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, which is set within a 1930s Bauhaus building. The apartment is the home of local architects Amir and Chen Navon, who joined forces with interior designers Lital Ophir and Ilana Bronfen to carry out its renovation.

Plants and geometric glass walls screen home and restaurant in Ho Chi Minh

An old house in a narrow alleyway in Ho Chi Minh City has been given a modernist makeover by local architecture studio Kientruc O, which transformed it to include a restaurant with a lush garden wrapped by gridded glazing.

COLOR FLOW by orijeen uses lenticular surfaces to create colour changing furniture

are you knowledgeable about technology, architecture and design? passionate about writing and digital media? designboom is seeking interns for our headquarters in ” are you knowledgeable about technology, architecture and design? passionate about writing and digital media? designboom is seeking interns for our headquarters in MILAN, and our expanding office in NEW YORK CITY!

Product of the Week: Robin Sprong Wallpaper Stickers

When it comes to home decor, there are so many things to consider. Firstly, there are the style rules, the dos and don’ts of decorating, and of course sourcing and buying everything you need.

Dubai Design Week 2017 guide: Top 10 things to check out

Dubai Design Week 2017 will see more than 200 activities staged in locations across the city. The free-to-attend six-day event will attract designers, architects, thought-leaders and creatives to Dubai through a high-calibre design programme that includes talks led by Sir David Adjaye, one of the world’s most influential architects, and others at the helm of iconic design – Mauro Porcini, PepsiCo Chief Design Officer, and Elmar Mock, inventor of the Swatch Watch, for example.

User experience design: 4 tips from Apple’s Willy Lai

We recently caught up with Willy Lai, a recent Apple user experience design director based in Silicon Valley who is teaching a user experience (UX) design workshop in Dubai in November. We asked him what tips he could offer to entrepreneurs looking to design products with great UX across different devices and here’s what he had to say.

How Theme Developers Can Learn From Brutalist Web Design – Shopify

Every day, we read about best practices to apply to web design, but brutalist web design encourages developers to think outside the box, in favor of a more provocative approach. As popularity for this unconventional approach grows, more retail brands are adopting brutalist techniques themselves.In this article, you’ll learn:About the characteristics of brutalist websites.Why brands are adopting these bold new techniques.How you can leverage this approach in your own designs.

Web Design & UI/UX: Mindshapes™ Concept

It’s an interesting concept that involves web design & UI/UX by Szymon Łucarz for Mindshapes™. It’s an exploration of your mind through our era of technology.

GearAward: Inspiration is everywhere

Talented web artists exhibit code-driven art.

This Delightful Ad for Book of the Month Makes a Bunch of Period Jokes and It’s Actually Funny

Talking about periods has been so taboo for so long that it’s commonly been referred to by the time frame associated with it-read: it’s that time of the month-instead of its name. A wonderful new spot for Book of the Month (a club that sends members a book per month) from creative shop Partners and Spade uses that association and flips it on its head.

Logos From Japan: Graphic assets documented in gorgeously designed publication

Logos from Japan is a beautifully curated book containing a selection of symbols and logos from the captivating country. These logos have been carefully selected to help convey the richness, variety and…


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