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Just Wait Until You See These Competitive Tablescapes

Humans have competitions for all kinds of strange things: holding beer steins, racing lawn mowers, chasing a wheel of cheese down a hill. But these all seem positively mainstream compared to a competition that is held annually at the L.A. County Fair, where participants attempt to outdo each other in setting the table.

Brand New: Brand of the Year: Pink Pussyhat

Opinions on corporate and brand identity work

An Iridescent Optical Illusion Brings This Furniture To Life

From the shelves of Forever 21 to the show floor of international design fairs, one trend has strong armed its way into our visual landscape over the past few years: iridescence. For good reason, too. These dazzling rainbow hues are an exciting antidote to the dour and restrained aesthetic that reigned during the recession’s belt tightening.

Architecture’s UX Problem

Julia Day remembers the moment she got interested in understanding how people use architecture. Day, who is now an assistant professor in Washington State University’s School of Design and Construction, was a design student studying a new high-performance building in Spokane, Washington.

Dubai Design Week 2018: Global Grad Show

Sometimes graduate shows can be a mixed bag. There are great ideas but poor output or beautiful products without much to say. That said, some such shows are exceptionally interesting, and this is the case with Global Grad Show.

A Furniture Craftsman’s Incredible Design for a Transforming, Six-Function Shop Cart – Core77

This creation here is a marvel of ultra-functional design. Belgium-based furniture maker Timothy Wilmot faced a problem many of us do, which is needing a product that doesn’t exist. In his case, he sought a mobile shop fixture “designed to assist woodworkers all along the construction of a piece

How to create a blurred background effect using Adobe XD | Creative Nerds

In this short quick tip tutorial we’ll be taking a look at Adobe XD specifically we’ll be looking at how to create a blurred background. This blurred effect can be applied to any photograph within Adobe XD. This is a really useful technique, and one you can use time and time again through out your design projects.

masquespacio designs an arch-themed furniture collection for houtique

the series of images considers how the recognizable residence could look if the family had embraced a range of popular housing styles. the series of images considers how the recognizable residence could look if the family had embraced a range of popular housing styles.

Design is fine. History is mine. – René Lalique, perfume flacon “Clairefontaine”,…

René Lalique, perfume flacon “Clairefontaine”, 1931. Verrerie d’Alsace René Lalique, France. Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, via

Exploring Marrakech Through Society6 – Design Milk

Since we’re not planning to go to Marrakech anytime soon, we picked some art and design items from Society6 that help us pretend like we’re there.

Artist Creates Impressive Sculptures From Marble That Look Surprisingly Light

Edinburgh-based artist Alasdair Thomson sculpts artworks of our everyday items that do not seem very heavy at the first glance.

This Silicon Valley Therapist’s Tips For Coping With Startup Stress

I had Spanish tapas at my fingertips. Close friends within walking distance. It was summer and the sun was shining in Madrid. There were all the makings of a summer of bliss for me, but I wasn’t feeling happy. I would walk down Gran Via fighting back tears.

9 Mascara and Eyelash Packaging Designs

What does your beauty routine consist of? For many, applying mascara or putting on false eyelashes is a big part of their daily ritual for getting ready for the day. Here are 9 examples of well-designed mascara and eyelash packaging.

White Rabbit’s Dark Ale Was Inspired By The Fermentation Process

“Energi Design had the pleasure of working with the brewers at White Rabbit on this limited edition dark ale ‘Brewers Cut’. Just like the original White Rabbit Dark Ale, this Brewer’s Cut Edition is created in open fermenters where yeast runs wild.

Volume: a new publishing platform for lovers of print

With the appearance of the Internet, the world of publishing has totally changed in a few decades. Some publishers disappeared within a decade, others have adapted and continue to do so. Volume is a good example. The start-up launched very recently a platform that allows artists and designers to publish illustrated books.

Is ‘Color Theory’ An Effective Marketing Tool?

Branding and color have a particularly symbiotic relationship when it comes to the marketing and communications industry. Their relationship extends far beyond communications, and well into consumer habits. Actually, it goes even further. Color psychology is important to understand and utilize in your marketing efforts, especially because neuroscience says humans may be hardwired for certain shades.

5 important things that happened in design 13-19 November 2017

Stories of sexism in the industry, a £200,000 interiors redesign for the V&A Museum of Childhood and a nostalgic look at magazine The Face – the news from the last seven days. Exposure of sexual harassment in the workplace have been rife in recent months, starting with the stream of allegations made against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, which has now amounted to over 50 women’s testimonials.

Artist Sam Moyer Exhibition at Sean Kelly Gallery in New York

Currently on display until December 16, 2017, Sean Kelly gallery in New York City presents ‘Wide Wake’, a new solo show by Sam Moyer. The Brooklyn based artist is well known for a diverse range of work, which draws inspiration from architectural design and a variety of natural materials.

Paint Colors of Instagram 11.10.17

Happy (almost) weekend everyone! Here is some inspiration to start it off right 😉 Cascade Green by Sherwin-Williams @jacksondesignandremod Chatroom Gray by Sherwin-Williams @thelightfilledhome Elephant Ear by Sherwin-Williams @riverbrookconstruction Lancaster Whitewash by Benjamin Moore @benjaminmoore.coloursense Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore @miniinno See more paint colors of Instagram here.

Triple Your Instagram Followers in 10 Steps [Infographic]

“With 75 million daily users, [Instagram] is fast becoming the social platform to have a presence on,” states today’s infographic by The graphic then offers 10 tips for encouraging Instagram users to follow your brand, including these: * Use hashtags: Be specific, the graphic advises, such as opting for #beagle over simply the generic #dog.

Facebook Turned the Key on Dynamic Ads and Lead Ads for Autos

In recent months, Facebook has crafted ad products for specific industries such as travel and real estate, and automobiles can now be added to that list.

Plastic bottle recycling dips in 2016

Plastic bottle recycling remained strong in 2016, but declined slightly, slipping 2.4% to just over 2.9 billion pounds, according to figures released jointly by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) and the American Chemistry Council (ACC). The “27th Annual National Postconsumer Plastic Bottle Recycling Report” indicates the overall recycling rate for plastic bottles for the year was 29.7%, down from 31.1% in 2015.

Photographing in the Rain: 10 Amazing Photos That Will Inspire You

When it rains, it can be easy to use that as an excuse to put your camera aside and do something else. However, rain often provides some very unique opportunities for photography that you won’t find at other times. This post is a collection of beautiful photographs captured in the rain.

Mattias Adolfsson’s Wildly Intricate Sketchbook and Doodle Artworks

Like a mad hybrid of Where’s Waldo meets Dr. Seuss-with healthy doses of absurdity and science fiction-Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson (previously) fills his sketchbooks and canvases edge to edge with his manically dense drawings of… well, just about anything you can imagine. Around the fram

This is the highest-paying job in AI

By Good news for non-robots everywhere. There might still be a job in artificial intelligence with your name on it. And it might pay quite a lot. The median base pay for open jobs in artificial intelligence is about $111,000 per year, more than twice the U.S.

What makes a good design principle? || Matthew Ström: designer & developer

Like many design teams, the Wall Street Journal team has been thinking through our design principles. Writing design principles comes pretty naturally (especially if you read this excellent list by Jeremy Keith). As we collaborate, we end up with a lot of candidates. However, it’s unclear what exactly a good design principle is.




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