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Brand Identity for Creative Digital Agency KIWI

Brand identity project for Kiwi, a creative digital agency based in Milan. The project was shared by Fabio Pistoia and shares a blocky typeface treatment

Samsung: Love From Every Angle – Adeevee

Leo Burnett Tailor Made, Sao Paulo, Brazil Chief Creative Officer: Marcelo Reis Vp: Wilson Mateos Executive Creative Director: Wilson Mateos Creative Directors: Pedro Utzeri, Vinicius Stanzione Art Director: Ivan Loos Copywriter: Henrique Zirpoli Rtv: Maria Fernanda Moura, Celso Groba, Jackeline Neuwirt Account: Fabio Brito, Mariana Nunes, Paola Kinder, Xanna D`aguiar, Lu Fernandes Planners: Tiago Lara, Lucas Machado, Daniel Dante Client Approval: Román Cepeda, Arthur Wong, Werner Gropp Production Company: Alice Filmes Director: Felipe Mansur DoP: Agustin Claramut Executive Producer: Wal Tamagno Line Producer: Ana Mansur Sound Production Company: Quiet City Music + Sound Musical Producers: Chris Jordão, Darren Solomon

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10 Bathrooms Inspired by Design’s Most Daring Decade

The phrase “’80s bathroom” may conjure a bit of a shudder – along with images of cracked square tile and particle-board vanities. But right now we’re feeling inspired by an entirely different kind of ’80s bathroom, one not necessarily built in the ’80s but definitely inspired by the decade.

Air Funk & More!

Idea & Illustration Work for Air Funk Odor Remover, ChinaHope you like it!

Grand Opening of Hua Quan Village

Hua Quan Village, an art and cultural village located in LongHu Mountain, south of Yingtan, Jiangxi, China, officially opened earlier this month. The village is situated near the famous Dragon Tiger Mountain, one of China’s most beautiful natural heritage sites and the birthplace of Taoism.

Brand New: F1 Logo to Change?

Opinions on corporate and brand identity work

While America Denies Climate Change, The Dutch Are Making Art About It

“Dikes are as holy in the Netherlands as cows are in India,” says Dutch artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde. Take the 20-mile-long Afsluitdijk, a dike protecting much of the country from flooding.

The Future Of Mapping, According To The Creators Of Google Earth

In 2001, John Hanke had an idea. What if you could create a searchable, digital version of the entire Earth-and it’d all be easily accessible through a web browser? Fast-forward three years. His little mapping visualization startup Keyhole was acquired by a newly public Google for $35 million in stock options.

NYC Gallery Showing Every Work They’ve Been Sent for a Show

At NYC’s Andrew Edlin Gallery, an open call was posted for any type of artist to submit work and have it featured it the exhibition ‘Et Tu, Art Brute?,’ with the only restriction being that the work must fit within a 16-by-20 inch envelope. Some 740…

Today’s Urban Design Observation: Unnecessary Signage – Core77

While they clearly did not hire a graphic designer to lay out the type, this sign cost the city money to design, produce, distribute and install. The entire point of these two symbols… …is that they don’t require an explanation and can be understood by those who cannot read

Artist Body Paints A Naked Model To See If Anyone Will React When She Walks Through A Mall

A professional body painter Jen teamed up with her daughter and spent 3 hours painting on an outfit that turned heads at the local mall. The nice fall ensemble that the model got to wear out in public included a hat, a scarf, thongs, pasties and a whole lot of body paint.

Comfort & Joy: My Own Ground Rules for Giving Holiday Gifts

Holiday excitement hit early in these parts. We started our annual Christmas puzzle in October (I know, I know) and have gone through no less than three sacks of flour since. The garden rosemary is dwindling; the cinnamon restocked twice.

Design is fine. History is mine. – Clarence Burroughs, Pitcher, 1948. Plastic….

Clarence Burroughs, Pitcher, 1948. Plastic. Burroughs Manufacturing Corp. USA. Via LACMA

2017 Gift Guide: For the Chef – Design Milk

We chose some of our favorite beautifully designed tools, accessories, and ingredients to serve those who aspire to drink, eat, and be merry.

An Old New Jersey Home Styled for Living and Laughter

For Tanya Meda, living in New York City played such an integral part in shaping who she became. Living there meant taking some of her first leaps of faith, forging her own path in the big city, working in fashion and immersing herself in all New York had to offer.

Flattr 2.0: Monetize Your Web Content Effortlessly | NOUPE

You might know Flattr already. You probably don’t know the new Flattr 2.0. It’s completely different. Flattr. That was a nice idea, back then. Content providers were able to integrate so-called Flattr buttons in their pages, allowing users to donate small amounts of money to the respective provider by clicking the button.

Thanksgiving Day Stress? Here’s Your Handy Survival Guide

Even the most patient, joyful folks experience a bit of stress around Turkey Day. Traveling anywhere is a pain, you’re surrounded by family members 24/7, plus…why exactly are we celebrating the genocide of native people? Never mind, we’ve got you covered.

Check Out This Extremely Clever Packaging For Dried Fruits and Nuts

“Pchak is one of those projects where the idea just stroked us and it had to be implemented in reality. While creating Pchak we didn’t want to go far from the original idea by including additional design elements. We used the same approach for naming ‘Pchak’ which is the Armenian equivalent of ‘tree hollow’.

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// yuni kim lang

Lang] … creates sculptures, photographs and wearable art that explores themes of weight, mass, accumulation, hair and cultural identity. She creates sculptures out of rope and synthetic materials where it transcends its materiality and become bodily. She is fascinated by what people give power and meaning to, along with our obsession with adornment.

Moody Nest Couch – Design, Inspiration and Technology Blog

15 Unique Ceilings Fans That Are Both Functional & Stylish

Instead of assuming that you have to stick with tradition if you want to keep a fan in your space, do a bit of research first. Of course, changing out light fixtures for something more modern, modern feminine, or something incredibly artistic like a brand new chandelier is nice.

20 Best New Portfolio Sites, November 2017 | Webdesigner Depot

There are basically two kinds of portfolio websites nowadays: those with asymmetrical layouts, and those with background images that change when you hover over the name of a project. At least, that’s kind of how it feels this month. Now, these are not bad-looking sites by any means.

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