A blogger needs to consider the importance of a headline for a blog post. Reading a blog post is a voluntary experience, and anything that comprises legibility or readability should be avoided.

What does a headline do?

When writing a blog post, it is important to take consideration of what a headline does and how it does it. A catchy headline:

Guides the eye

A headline provides a place for your reader’s eyes to land. If all the type were the same size as the body copy, there would not be enough contrast and the news of the page would be lost amid all the text.

Creates attention

Calls attention to why stories are being published; it introduces the story you are about to tell.

Makes a statement

Make a statement, with a subject and a verb, tell your readers what the story is about.


Accuracy in the headline is no less critical than in the story.

Reads like a sentence

This advice originates with the design of headlines in ‘print news’. The same rules of grammar and presentation apply as if you were writing a sentence in the ‘down’ style. The ‘down style’ refers to lower case letters, with upper case (capitals) only used at the beginning of the headline mand for proper nouns. Using all capitals letters for headlines compromises readability and should be used for striking effect.

If your blog post has a well-considered headline, then you are maximising your chances of keeping your reader on your page.

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