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Design Creative Inspiration Ideas Concept
Design Creative Inspiration Ideas Concept

Learning how to select an area of an image is of primary importance to a designer.

Geometric selections


The rectangular marquee selects a rectangular area in an image.  It is most probably one of easiest selection tools to use.  It is designed for making selections based on simple geometric shapes.

The Elliptical Marquee tool is directly underneath the Rectangular Marquee tool, selects elliptical areas.

Freehand selections


Drag the Lasso tool around an area to trace a freehand selection.  Using the Polygonal Lasso tool requires to lay down and set anchor points in straight line segments around the area that you require to be selected.

Edge-based selections


The Quick selection tool allows on to quickly “paint” a selection by automatically finding and following defined edges in the image.

Colour-based selections


The Magic Wand tool selects part of an image based on the similarity in colour of the adjacent pixels.  It is useful for selecting odd-shaped areas that share a specific range of colours.

The trick to selecting the correct tool for a specific area often depends on its characteristic or shape.

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