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Minimalist Web Design Concept for Bjork

Concept projects are always a great way to learn and improve your design skills. It gives you the opportunity to try new things, ignore some constraints or really focus on particular areas you think you need to improve.

Descartes on Wonderment

Looking back on his life, the elderly Albert Einstein located his most significant existential turning point in a single moment of wonderment when he was a small boy. But what is wonderment, exactly, and what gives it the power to possess us so completely as to recalibrate our very being?

The Simpsons House in Different Architectural Styles

Strangely enough, after browsing the various iterations of The Simpsons’ house in different architectural styles-from the classic log cabin to Victorian, Art Deco and more-it’s difficult to remember what the original looks like. Created by Neomam Studios…


This all-in-one teapot and mug is made for solo time, and takes a few tips from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the same time. Heat-resistant to save your hands, this cup keeps your tea warm while it steeps and you concentrate on getting zen…

BMW propose elevated cycleway for fast, zero-emission city commute

the design seeks to offer the students a sense of responsibility, independence, and the feeling of being ‘home’. the design seeks to offer the students a sense of responsibility, independence, and the feeling of being ‘home’. the sunglasses appear as little facial sculptures in which the laminated decoration plays a fundamental role similar to sottsass’ furniture design.

Design is fine. History is mine. – Historical Bicycle Head Badges, USA. Via John…

Historical Bicycle Head Badges, USA. Via John Grimwade

Urban Stories: Children’s Storage and Activity Center by Tcherassi Vilató – Design Milk

Tcherassi Vilató designed Urban Stories, a kids storage and activity piece that encourages creativity and imagination for drawing, sketching, and playing.

Color Thanks | Design Seeds

color thanks } | image via: @c_colli

Russian Clock Maker Konstantin Chaykin Creates Unbelievable Joker Timepiece With Facial Expressions

Soft-spoken and very clever, Russian watch and clock maker Konstantin Chaykin’s creations never fail to intrigue me. For 2017, his newest watch is a limited edition all about whimsy (and Batman villains). The Konstantin Chaykin Joker is a characterful and relatively friendly homage to the famed Batm

Rock Star Artist Sean Yseult Unveils New Line of Wallpaper Designs –

There are rock star designers, and then there are rock star designers. The former represents those high-profile artists with lucrative product deals, spots on design shows and panels, and huge social media presence. Sean Yseult is the perfect description of the latter – a musician, artist and entrepreneur who recently unveiled a new line of …

Flamboyant and Poetic Photos of Nature

The photographer Vitor Schietti is not a magician, but he is very patient. Thanks to light painting, a photographic shooting technique that consists of moving a light source in the darkness while using a long exposure time, he manages to give life to his landscapes that appear incandescent.

Whimsical Digital Illustrations Inspired by Nature

Milica Golubovic is a Serbia-based visual artist and illustrator. Greatly influenced and inspired by nature, her lovely drawings capture refreshing scenes of nature, seaside and ordinary slices of life with her clever use of atmosphere, color and texture. See more of her work here, and follow her on Instagram.

40 Beautiful Accent Chairs That Add Splendour to Your Seating

No interior is complete without a gorgeous accent chair. Whether lounging in the library, sitting afront your powdering table or making you feel boss in the office, there’s a beautiful chair for every interior setting. Set a powder blue swan astride your bedroom table, creating a space to relax before dressing.

Miguel Pang’s hand-drawn approach adds texture and depth to his illustrations

“I consider an illustrator as principally a communicator, where the important thing is the message or story I want to tell, rather than the form,” says Barcelona-based, Miguel Pang. Believing “style is a consequence of your concerns”, Miguel’s work is characterised by rich colours and hand-drawn elements and characters that add texture to his illustrations.







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