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The New Collection from Bianca Mavrick Jewellery – Bel Air!

Bianca Mavrick ‘s wildly popular jewellery looks considerably different to the first range she ever released… while in primary school. ‘I convinced my parents to let me sell the jewellery I had made at a local market,’ the designer, now 28, recalls.

FRAME Takes A Closer Look At Filling Pieces’ Amazing Sneaker Landscapes At Paris Fashion Week – #62951 – NOTCOT.ORG

FRAME takes a closer look at Filling Pieces’ amazing sneaker landscapes at Paris Fashion Week

Barbie is getting into BDSM… and she likes it (NSFW)

Mr Grey will see you now, Barbie. Barbie is the doll of childhood innocence, right? Well, not after Mick was finished with her. A Russian artist who works under the name Mick is reinventing (and thoroughly ruining the reputation of) Mattel’s decades old, bestselling doll.

The Pixar logo and the hopping desk lamp | Logo Design Love

Based in Emeryville, California, just across the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco, the American animation studio came to life in 1979 when George Lucas recruited Ed Catmull from the New York Institute of Technology to head Lucasfilm’s Computer Division.

Kickstarter has a new logo – and it’s kinda familiar

Take a look at some of the biggest logo redesigns of this year, including Kickstarter, Apple Music, YouTube, Converse, Calvin Klein, Audi & more.

How modern book design was influenced by illustrated manuscripts

See how the layout, creativity and materials used from the first 800 years of English manuscripts and inscriptions influences design today.

Mandala Tree of Life logo * LogoMoose – Logo Inspiration

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How To Design Your Ideal Workday Based On Your Sleep Habits

Chances are you don’t start work in the morning without first having a cup (or several) of coffee. But as board-certified sleep specialist and The Power of When author Michael Breus sees it, exactly when you should have caffeine depends on your sleep type.

Tim Rundle reinterprets furniture design archetypes for SP01 collection

Tim Rundle stripped-back traditional furniture typologies to create this collection for Australian brand SP01, which pairs plush fabrics with exposed metal frames. The London-based industrial designer described the collection as possessing an Antipodean design approach, in the way it distils influences from different eras and design traditions.

52-Year-Old Filipino Driver Uses Aluminum Wires To Create Amazing Works Of Art

People in the Philippines were uniquely talented and able to create something different coming out from their own ideas. Some Filipinos have also the expertise in creating weird, unique, and amazing handicrafts, which will surely attract people’s attention. The 52-year-old Carlito Romanillos is

Design is fine. History is mine. – Doll’s house kitchen with 45 miniatures, 1845. Via…

Doll’s house kitchen with 45 miniatures, 1845. Via Rijksmuseum. “A collector had this kitchen made to provide a natural setting for his collection of 18th-century miniature domestic silver. “

rick tegelaar 3D prints mesmerizing panels made of colback yarn

dutch designer rick tegelaar’s latest project includes 3D printing colback yarn to create mesmerizing and textured panels.

20 Beautiful Home Gifts on Etsy, All Under $50

December is practically here and that means you better get your holiday gifts in order. So if you can’t craft your own modern masterpieces, how about buying something handmade instead? We’ve pulled 20 of our favorite finds from Etsy, and guess what? They’re all under $50. Of course planters are on our list.


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