Design News – Thursday the 7th December 2017

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Brand Identity for Loupedeck by BOND Creative Agency

There’s something about brand identity projects that have a dark theme. I know that it might be personal preference but black business cards or stationary definitely adds an elegant/upscale look.

Tour a Dreamy Modern Amsterdam Houseboat

Name: Annelies, Hans, their son Scott and Harry the dog Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands Size: 1,507 square feet Years lived in: 7 years, owned Born and bred on a houseboat, Annelies has lived on the water practically her whole life.

Photography Gifts

Written by Katie on December 6, 2017. Permalink Know someone that likes snapping photos? Here’s a few things that they might like as a gift this holiday season. 1. Clip on this 2-in-1 Wide Angle and Macro Lens over your phone’s existing lens for a new perspective. $30.00 2.

Forgotten Pioneer Margaret Fuller on the Singular Power of Music

Aldous Huxley celebrated music an expression of the “blessedness lying at the heart of things.” Philosopher Susanne Langer considered it “a laboratory for feeling and time,” whose mysterious power both eclipses and illuminates all the other arts. “Without music life would be a mistake,” Nietzsche proclaimed in 1889.

Photographing Life At Svalbard’s Frozen Satellite Station

A new photo series by the photographer Reuben Wu depicts the stunning landscape of the Svalbard Satellite Station. The project focuses on the launch of a new satellite called the Joint Polar Satellite System 1 (JPSS-1), which launched into space in November and will monitor the planet’s climate.

Material Kitchen

by Sun Bak One pull of the kitchen drawer, and you’ll probably find mismatched and neglected kitchen tools collected over the years, just taking up space. It’s hard to let them go, but the “Fundamentals” set from newly launched brand Material Kitchen makes it pretty enticing.

Japanese House With an Anti-Seismic, Climbable Bookshelf – Core77

Earthquakes in Japan are common enough that when I lived there, I saw that most folks had braces between the top of their bookshelves and the ceiling. These were basically spring-loaded closet rods placed vertically that prevented the unit from tipping forward, but did nothing to prevent the books themselves

Design is fine. History is mine. – Russel Wright, Salt and Pepper Shakers, 1939-59….

Russel Wright, Salt and Pepper Shakers, 1939-59. Stoneware. American Modern Pattern. USA. Via Goldstein Museum of Design

The Grumpy Designer: These Are a Few of My Least Favorite Things

After 20+ years in the web design industry, I’ve found that the web is still far from perfect. There are a number of things I’d love to see change for the better. Sure, there have been plenty of positive developments throughout the years. Some of them even a bit revolutionary.

Color Throwdown #472

Hi, everyone! It’s time for a new challenge! Barbara here with your colors for this week. Remember, we’re using generic colors, so as long as you use the color values shown: black, red, and gray, you’ll be good…the color police won’t come after you–this is all about having fun!

Red and White Candy Stripe Party

One of our favorite ways to come up with a theme is to take a single element and play it all the way up! This festive party was inspired by the classic stripes of a Christmas candy cane. We layered all of our favorite red and white party supplies, and added accents of pink and mint.



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