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Minimal Minimalism

Minimalism means very different things to different people. What someone living in downtown LA considers a minimalistic existence is probably very different from what someone who lives a nomadic life on the plains of Africa would consider minimalistic. What I want to talk about here is a type of minimal minimalism.

This Is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018

It’s December, and the holiday season is officially here. But for color lovers, today is a holiday in and of itself: the day Pantone announces their Color of the Year for 2018. In 2017, they went for a bright, leafy hue called Greenery.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 has been announced

Pantone has announced its Colour of the Year 2018 is Ultra Violet, or Pantone 18-3838 TCX. Unveiled in The New York Times , the announcement is based on in-depth research, trend forecasting and analysis of current culture.

Communicating Mental Models to Your Team

‘Star Trek’ actor Anton Yelchin died last year at the age of 27 when a Jeep pinned him against a gate and brick pillar outside his home. It turns out that his Jeep’s gearshift was poorly designed. Poor Anton didn’t realise that the Jeep was in neutral when he got out, so it rolled backwards…

The Radium Beer Hall | Urban Sketchers

By Cathy Gatland, Johannesburg, South Africa] Strange to be sitting in a pub at 10 am on a Monday morning, but that’s where I found myself this week, sketching in preparation for an oil painting class I’m taking. This is the Radium Beer Hall, the oldest surviving bar and grill in Johannesburg.

“Leap” Art Print by Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes has a new art print available as an open edition. “Leap” is a 14″ x 19″ giclee, is an open edition, and costs $150. Visit

The Art of the Erotic: 170 works from the world’s most important artists

Artists have created erotica from ancient times to the present day. The Art of the Erotic documents this timeless aspect of art history, through 170 c…

New Illustrated Christmas Coasters by Anna Goodson Agency

Once again, Anna Goodson Illustration Agency (AGIA), an international illustration agency representing top illustrators worldwide, announces the release of its Christmas Coasters collection celebrating love and the power of art. “With all that is going on in the world, our agency is doing what we can to promote unity, inclusiveness and love as we showcase the work of our 51 international Illustrators.”

THOR: Ragnarok ship concepts by Sean Hargreaves

THOR: Ragnarok ship concepts by our friend Sean Hargreaves. Keywords:thor THOR Ragnarok ship spaceship and interior…

Kindle Oasis Review: Is bigger better?

I loved the first-generation Kindle Oasis. Though nobody needed to buy a $290 ebook reader, it was the best Kindle you could by. Without its mandatory battery case, it was impossibly thin and light, and brought back the hardware page-turn buttons that…

The One Thing I Look For in Portfolio Reviews

I review a lot of portfolios in a year. Between conventions and seminars and events and emails and classes I teach, I’ve guesstimated it at about 400-500 portfolio reviews per year. More if you count repeat viewings of the same artist.

Color Flock | Design Seeds

color flock } | image via: @anamarques210376

Nostalgia: Was Everything Really Better in the Good Old Days? | NOUPE

Everything was better in the good old days. That’s a stereotype that I still hear a lot. However, thinking about it, I can hardly agree. If you, like me, are making your money online, the changes of the past 23 years are probably the best thing that could have happened to you.

Watch Marie Kondo Organize Things in the Kitchen

Marie Kondo has totally changed the way I view my home and all the “stuff” I have accumulated over the years. You see, I’m generally a pretty sentimental person, so normally things like pants that don’t fit me would be “hard” to donate or throw away because memories.

These TK Design Trends Could Ruin Your Chances Of Finding A Buyer

We hate to say it, but trends do come and go. What was hot a few years ago may not be popular now and some long-scorned fads are making their way back into the public consciousness. (We’re looking at you, wallpaper!)

The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

For the past few years, I’ve featured the season’s best gift guides from other sites and pulled out a few things from each that I think you might be interested in. Like I wrote in 2016, this year has not been the easie

Gift Guide | Books for Kids

We invited Erin Boniferro of Collage Collage to send us a list of a few of her favourite books for kids as gift ideas for the holiday season. Collage Collage is a workshop, store, and studio, here in Vancouver that offers children and adults alike the opportunity to get creative through a growing collection of art materials, books and workshops.



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