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How the Sausage Gets Made: The Hidden Work of Content

by Published in Caroline Roberts Content , Content Strategy I won an Emmy for keeping a website free of dick pics. Officially, my award certificate says I was on a team that won a 2014 Emmy for Interactive Media, Social TV Experience. The category “Social TV Experience” sounds far classier than my true contribution to the project.

Mind-boggling Vector Illustration Work by James Gilleard

James Gilleard shared a set of beautiful illustrations that he created in 2017. They are all vector illustration and it definitely sets the bar at another level.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tribute

As a little tradition on ABDZ, we are putting together a collection of what artists and designers come up to tribute for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Meticulously Arranged Objects by Artist Adam Hillman

New Jersey-based artist Adam Hillman spends hours perfecting elaborate arrangements made from everyday objects like Q-tips, toothpicks and paper clips. …

Every American Wildfire In The Last 36 Years, Mapped

Citylab found the answer in this map by Brooklyn-based web developer Jill Hubley, who gathered 36 years of data about wildfires in the United States, categorizing them by cause: Hubley used Federal Wildland Fire Occurrence Data starting in 1980, painting human causes-like accidents or arson-in orange and natural causes in green.

The 10 Design Trends Of 2017 That Need To Die

Has the moment of reckoning finally come for opaque algorithms? Algorithms are the silent puppeteers of our lives, deciding how we vote, what we read, how we dress, what we watch, how we’re policed, and more. We don’t know how these algorithms work.

3D Particle Explorations | Codrops

An inspirational set of demos that explores particle animations in 3D space with three.js. This type of animations could be very suitable for page loaders. This set of demos explores 3D particle animations using three.js and easing. All of the particles and shapes in these demos are made from basic geometry/material/mesh sets in three.js, such as spheres, lines, and boxes.

Miami Art Week 2017: Women Artists Address The Female Body

Suzy Kellems Dominik’s “I Can Feel” Firelei Báez’s “for Marie-Louise Coidavid, exiled, keeper of order, Anacaona” and “can you not see that we are implicated in its evolution” Lena Marquise’s “Vagina Chapel” V-Plate Installation with Caspar Petéus Tara Subkoff’s “Synaptic Fatigue/Dear in the Headlights” Theresa Chromati’s “Reclining Woman (Wig Connection)” Judy Chicago’s “Submerged/Emerged” Iconic artist Judy Chicago’s work could be seen at the Jessica Silverman Gallery installation at Art Basel.

Hilariously Risqué Holiday Party Costumes by YourSassyGrandma – Core77

Etsy seller YourSassyGrandma seems pretty sassy indeed: Their store sells a line of “Ugly Christmas sweaters and more,” where the “more” pertains to holiday costumes that integrate parts of human anatomy. I have to say it doesn’t work as well for the guys, although the reindeer at least gets some

Executive Objects: Minimalist Tabletop Objects That Follow a Specific Design Manifesto – Design Milk

The Executive Objects collection by RIchard Clarkson Studio are all made with five requirements that stem from the studio’s design style and ideology.

Color View | Design Seeds

color view } | image via: @blmdo

A Designer’s Home In Berkeley, CA Is Warm and Inviting

I have a deep understanding for someone who is a planner. I get it, I really do. I have been a planner since I was a little girl, organized to a fault. Clara Jung of Banner Day Consulting is the same way.

Future Expansion installs mirrored tubes outside Flatiron Building

A cluster of hollow reflective pipes forms this installation by Brooklyn architecture and design firm Future Expansion, which is on display in front of the Flatiron Building in New York City. Titled Flatiron Reflection, the design comprises a set of vertical metal tubes that together create a horseshoe shape in plan and a fluted perimeter.

In the Pink – Elle Decoration

A home is an expression of individuality; make it match your personality. Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2018, Pictured Rocks (also referred to as Nordic Sails 2), is described as a grown-up pink. The warm tones draw from the tactile qualities of natural wood and leather to convey the kind of comfort that welcomes you home.

Cow and Milk Logo logo * LogoMoose – Logo Inspiration

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Discover the Revamped Cocktail and Underground Bar in Vienna –

Architecture firm Büro KLK completed the design of the Krypt Bar, an underground social gathering spot in Austria. During the renovation on an ancient heritage building from the late 18th century on Vienna’s traditional Berggasse Street, a bricked-up staircase was found.

50 Modern Outdoor Chairs To Elevate Views of Your Patio & Garden

Outdoor seating has come a long way since the wooden bench. Whether you’re looking for chairs crafted in cane, made modern in ABS plastic or meshed in powder-coated iron, we’ve got a treat for you. Want to complement an industrial exterior? Try red metal chairs with detailed backs for size.

14 brilliant Christmas gifts for designers and artists

We’ve found the best bespoke crafts, helpful tech and latest books on illustration, design & inspiration.

Battery operated twinkle lights for my vintage Christmas ornament wreath – twinkle on! – Retro Renovation

On my Second Day of Kitschmas: I put battery-operated twinkle lights on my vintage ornament wreath. Late to this particular modern-day party, I did not know know you could get battery-powered lights like this until I saw a friend use them to decorate at a charity event we were both a part of.

Ember Ceramic Mug

Look, it’s a mug that comes with an app! The Ember Ceramic Mug keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last. It also comes with a charging coaster. I guess it’s cool but it also made me laugh!

25 Gorgeous Examples of Baked Good Packaging For National Pastry Day

Did you know that December 9th was National Pastry Day? In honor of this yummy unofficial holiday, we’ve rounded up 25 beautiful examples of packaging for bakeries and baked goods that we think “take the cake.”

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