Beautiful hand drawn birds from the nineteenth century

These beautifully hand drawn birds were taken from two books by Mary and Elizabeth Kirby; Beautiful Birds in Far off Lands and Birds of Gay Plumage.  They were successful writers and illustrators of books for children in the natural sciences.  They are beautifully illustrated works where the chromo-lithography technique is effectively made to reproduce some of nature’s most brilliant jewel birds.  I love these drawings and convey such a sense of wonder.

1 Malacca Parakeet & Gould Sun Bird

Malacca Parakeet
Malacca parakeet in Birds of Gay Plumage, 1875

2 Resplendent Trogon & Ceylonese Sun Bird

Trogon & Ceylonese Sun Bird
Trogon & Ceylonese Sun Bird

3 Blue and yellow Maccaw

Blue and yellow Maccaw
Blue and yellow Maccaw

4  The red and the king birds of paradise

The Red and the King Birds of Paradise
The Red and the King Birds of Paradise

5 Resplendent Trogon and Ceylonese Sun Bird

Ceylonnese Sun Bird

6 The Peruvian Coquette and Crimson Topaz

7 Blue-bellied Parakeet and pale headed Parrot

8 Goulds Corquette and the marvellous Humming Bird

9 Emerald Bird of Paradise and Blue-Headed Tanager


10 Humming Birds

11 Paradise Flycatcher and Red Tailed Sun-Bird

12 Mexican Trogon and Brazilian Bell Bird


13 Tri-colour Crested Cockatoo and Lovebird

14 Ring Parakeet and Sulphur Crested Parakeet

15 The Phaon Comet and Chimborazian Bill Star

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