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UI Inspiration: This week’s selections from Claudio Guglieri, Ela Kumela, Gleb Kuznetsov and more

It’s that time of the week for our collection of UI/UX interactions to boost your UI inspiration right before the time off for the holidays. We are focusing on cool animations, layout designs, UX thinking and more.

The Best Small Space Bedroom Solutions We Saw This Year

Small bedrooms can be tough to furnish. But finding affordable, storage-savvy furniture for your tiny bedroom is even harder. That’s why it pays to get creative and find space-efficient ways to decorate your petite sleeping place. Luckily, this year was chock full of clever small space solutions.

Elizabeth de Portzamparc Unveils New Skyscraper Manifesto With Competition Winning Taichung Intelligence Operations Center

Elizabeth de Portzamparc has been selected as the winner of an international competition for the design of the new Taichung Intelligence Operation Center in Taichung, Taiwan. Conceived as a ‘vertical interconnected neighborhood,’ the tower grows from a series of terraces at its base that turn to become the facade.

Works 2017

Some selected works of the year 2017.

Cat Hair Cat Hats by Photographer Ryo Yamazaki

Photographer Ryo Yamazaki fashions a variety of amusing hats for his cats out of their own fur. See more images, including a brilliant homage to Princess Leia below!

Brand New: Tokyo 2020 Mascot Candidates

Opinions on corporate and brand identity work

Salmon Creek Farm in Albion, California. Photo by…

Salmon Creek Farm in Albion, California. Photo by James Voorhies.

The 14 Most Important Interfaces Of 2017

We went on and on about new smartphones and stunning new buildings this year, but many of the best designs of 2017 were actually hidden in the software all around us. It’s the little things-from the interface on that new Pixel 2 to the algorithm that designed this new concert hall -that are really changing the way we use products.

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

Designed with kids in mind, the BOSEbuild speaker cube kit is entertaining and educational. The set comes with everything needed to assemble a speaker cube-from panels to coils and more. For children aged eight or older, it’s an experience on how music…

The Most Beautiful Brass Mallet (That You Can’t Have), and When to Stick With the Tools You’ve Got – Core77

Ever since I learned how to cut dovetails by hand, I’ve been using a simple, inexpensive English carpenter’s mallet to whack the chisel for the chopping part of the process. This type of mallet works great and was a staple of British workshops, both for chisel work and for persuading

Pixi – Nature aware, self-sufficient, digital organism ‘breathes’ in the forest

Created by the artist collective WERC, “Pixi” is a digital organism located in a dutch forrest, inspired by the complex patterns that exist in nature and questions whether a technical natural phenomenon can imitate the complex aesthetics of nature or interact with it.

leonardo betti’s digitally layered art influenced by josef albers

martijn koomen and tadas maksimovas designed and built a fully-functional fixed-gear bike in tribute to an enigmatic, mathematical constant. martijn koomen and tadas maksimovas designed and built a fully-functional fixed-gear bike in tribute to an enigmatic, mathematical constant. are you knowledgeable about architecture? passionate about writing?

Design is fine. – Katagami, 19th century. Paper, cut. Japan….

Katagami, 19th century. Paper, cut. Japan. Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden. skd online.

Best Skim Milk Posts of 2017 – Design Milk

Curious to see which minimalist designs, from apartments to houses to lighting, were the most popular in our Skim Milk column in 2017?

Color Nature | Design Seeds

color nature } | image via: @rotblaugelb


Before & After: An Outdated Australian Weatherboard House Comes to Life

Much like anyone who is shamelessly hooked on home improvement shows, there are few things that make my heart skip a beat like a good before and after reveal. Seeing those knock-down properties transformed into homes that real estate dreams are made of is so wonderfully addictive.

TOP 10 reader submissions of 2017 – design projects

martijn koomen and tadas maksimovas designed and built a fully-functional fixed-gear bike in tribute to an enigmatic, mathematical constant. martijn koomen and tadas maksimovas designed and built a fully-functional fixed-gear bike in tribute to an enigmatic, mathematical constant. are you knowledgeable about architecture? passionate about writing?

It Wasn’t All Bad: Here Are The Most Hopeful Moments Of 2017

Few people would try to argue that 2017 was a great year. Sure, babies were born, puppies rescued, and we got a second season of Stranger Things. But overall, 2017 was pretty much a pile of awfulness. There was Hurricane Harvey, the devastation of Puerto Rico, wildfires across the country, mass shootings (and more mass shootings), police shootings, and terrorist attacks.

Forest Retreat in Seattle Built Around Gravel Courtyard –

Robert Hutchison Architecture completed the Courtyard House on the River design, a contemporary forest retreat located just outside Seattle, WA in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. The 1,900 square-foot (176 square-meter) home is clad in Western red cedar and painted black to blend with the surrounding forest on the banks of the White River.

Bacteria-Basted Supertrees Are Sucking Pollution From Our Waste Sites

Probiotics: They’re not just for your kombucha anymore. When it comes to public health, infection and pollution often pose similar problems. They can move fast, resist treatment, and cost a lot of money to find a cure. But thanks to some inventive bioscience, there’s a new way to turn bacteria to our advantage in the fight against environmental degradation.

3 Modern Small Apartment Designs Under 50 Square Meters That Don’t Sacrifice On Style [Includes Floor Plans]

Living in a tiny amount of space can be limiting in many ways but living small certainly does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Not convinced? Well, take a look at these three small apartment interiors, all under 50 square metres, that are creative in using stylish furniture and decor to set a high-end scene.

Review of the Year 2017: Top 25 Graphic Design

The graphic design we’ve featured on the site over the course of this year has excited, intrigued and delighted the It’s Nice That team many a time. From burgeoning studios and newly-graduated designers to more established, household name creatives, we’ve loved sharing the work in progress shots, the concepts and the stories.

27 favorite Christmas picture books | Jones Design Company

Have you noticed yet that I have a deep love for illustrated children’s books? Whether we’re in a toy store, at the library, on Amazon or in a real bookstore, I am always drawn toward the picture book section. I love the sweet stories and am absolutely captured by the illustrations.

Porgs! Basically Star Wars Puffins… Love That The Easier, Awesomer Solution To Digitally Erasing Or Physically Removin… – #63011 – NOTCOT.ORG

Porgs! Basically Star Wars Puffins… love that the easier, awesomer solution to digitally erasing or physically removing the puffins that live on the Irish Island of Skellig Michael was to turn them into Porgs!

The First Photographs of Snowflakes: Discover the Groundbreaking Microphotography of Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley (1885)

What kind of a blighted society turns the word “snowflake” into an insult?, I sometimes catch myself thinking, but then again, I’ve never understood why “treehugger” should offend. All irony aside, being known as a person who loves nature or resembles one of its most elegant creations should be a mark of distinction, no?

XMAS 2017 – jennifer nelson artists

Today we have a sneak preview of new work from the designers at Jennifer Nelson Artists . Jennifer has a stable of ten great artists such as Jill Howarth, Bee Brown and Miriam Bos who all offer a fantastic selection of portfolio pieces.

Apple Will Reportedly Create A Universal Design System For iOS & MacOS Apps –

To ensure the Apple experience is enjoyed across multiple platforms, the company will allegedly start letting developers build unified apps that work both on iOS and macOS.

‘The Paper Set’ from Tuckbox Furniture

We first covered Tuckbox back in 2013, the same year that co-founders Anthony, Daniel and Prue de Groot launched their furniture design studio. Four years down the track, they’ve created an impressive assembly of sleek, contemporary furniture, graced the pages of countless print and online magazines and secured some exciting collaborations and commissions.

Gingerbread Star Wars – Design, Inspiration and Technology Blog

Stylish New Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

When it comes to decorating your home, we all approach our décor in a strategic manner. With a design idea in mind. Why should decorating your Christmas tree be any different? Whether you have a specific color scheme in mind, ornaments that you can’t wait to use, and/or a design style that has caught your attention.

Jenna Lyons’ Gorgeous Soho Loft | Trendland

Few years ago we reviewed the gorgeous Park Slope Townhouse of Jenna Lyons (former President of J.crew). Since then she moved back to the city, more precisely in Soho, in a spacious 3,500-square-foot loft decorated with the help of Gray Davis of New York design firm Meyer Davis.

Modern and Cool Nativities To Match Your Modern and Cool House * Vintage Revivals

No Description

We Live Here: Light Art Helps Sydney Tower Residents Protest Gentrification

Residents of Waterloo Estate towers in Sydney, Australia, were given a uniquely visible voice this year amidst city plans to change the neighborhood. The #WeLiveHere2017 project gave 500 residents in two 60-story towers ‘mood lights’ so they could express their views on the proposed future of their home.


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