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Art & Design # 225 – Art Blog – Art & Design

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Favourite Photos Found In 2017: 64 Photos By 64 Photographers

I spent the last couple nights rounding up a ton of my favourite photos from 2017. Take some time to scroll through all the images below and you may also wanna check out the previous editions.

The 6 Coolest Material Breakthroughs Of 2017

Materials are a designer’s paint and canvas-and for the most part, they’ve remained pretty static in recent decades. But over the past few years, and in 2017 in particular, we saw new advances in material science that gave creators plenty of exciting toys to play with, from brand new colors and types of inks to new ways of reusing older materials.

Discovering Finland as a Design Destination – Design Milk

With our friends at Artek and Vitra, we explored some of the best sights in Finland to see and visit to learn more about Finnish design.

Color Create | Design Seeds

color create } | image via: @caroline_south

Best of 2017: Our Favorite Kitchens + Dining Rooms

As the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we prepare and nourish ourselves and our loved ones and it’s the place where so much of our time is spent, whether it’s talking over a cup of coffee or feeding our pets.

Fransje Gimbrere creates sculptures from natural fibre and recycled plastic

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Fransje Gimbrere has used a combination of natural and synthetic yarns to construct a collection of freestanding sculptures. Presented at this year’s Dutch Design Week, the aim of Gimbrere’s Standing Textile project was to shift the perception of textiles as being “old-fashioned”, by instead demonstrating its alternative uses as a building material.

Historic Chapel in Belgium Converted into Architecture Office –

This historic chapel in Belgium was recently converted by Studio klaarchitectuur into an unconventional office space. Dubbed Waterdog, the project aims to transform architecture work into an almost spiritual experience. “Due to the chapel’s status as a listed building, the renovation project was bound by several limitations,” the architects said.

Kroby, the snake lamp – IKEA Hackers

My name is Gille Monte Ruici, I make sculptures, and particularly bots, starting from recycled matter and of waste. Few months ago I already sent you two hacks. (See them here and here). Here is a new one, called : KROBY the snake lamp. To do this I used a KROBY light fixture.

The Best Graphic Design & Branding Projects of 2017

It’s been a bold year in the world of graphic design and branding. We’ve explored the sector through project stories, in-depth features and interviews such as with design agencies Templo and The Working Assembly.

The Favorite Literary Work of Every Country Visualized on a World Map

Begun by user ‘BackForward24’ and crowdsourced through Reddit, this map of the world illustrates the most beloved/popular book of each country by pasting a scan of the book cover over its space on the world map. For book lovers who want to read themselves around the world, it will prove invaluable.

Top Packaging Projects of 2017

As we ring in the new year, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. We value and appreciate all our readers, it is you who made what what we are today.

Cat Illustrations

This guy by Kamwei Fong made me laugh. There are more cat illustrations in this post. Wow, I am really a cat person now, am I?

Top Ten Homes of 2017 · Lyon Housemuseum

Back in February we discovered the Lyon Housemuseum in Kew. Suffice to say, we were completely blown away. This remarkable Australian home is both a stunning architecturally designed family home, and a public art museum. Seriously! Today we revisit this incredible museum-house, which is home to Corbett Lyon, co-director of Lyons Architecture, his partner Yueji, and their daughters Carlin and Jaqlin.

A Way to Pick up After Your Pet in Style

No more walking around embarrassed, holding a dilapidated, leftover plastic bag after you pick up after your pet. Modern Kanine, designed by Studio Wulf, adds a splash of color to an otherwise boring (and not so glamorous) task.

Miniature Calendar Photo Project: Tiny Scenes for Each Day of the Year

No object is too ordinary or random to end up being used as a stand-in for a full-scale building, boat, landscape or prop in art director and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka’s imaginative miniature landscapes, released each and every day on an online calendar.

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