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Style tiles are a design tool to display fonts, colours and web elements that communicate the essence of a visual brand for a website to a client.  A style tile allows one to deconstruct a website into its main visual elements similar to the paint chips and fabric swatches of an interior designer.

I have used the style tile to set out this post and provide a visual analysis of the BBC Website.

BBC News Website

BBC website as it appears on a desktop

The BBC news website is updated every 3 to 4 years. In 2015 the BBC news website was redesigned with mobile users in mind. This was a result of research that indicated 50 to 60% of all visitors to the website came from smart phone users, while in some countries the figure is as high as 90%.The website was designed by the in-house team and uses and a logarithm to combine top stories and most read stories with the targeted content, chosen from a range of more than 50,000 subjects.

Smart Phone Layout

BBC Website as it appears on a smartphone

Article Teaser

Color Palette

BBC Colour Palette

hex code


hex code


The navigation on the desktop version of the website has a hover state that displays a border which is a different colour for each menu item.The ‘news tab’ is a dark red, the ‘sports tab’ a yellow line, the weather tab is blue, the ‘shop tab’ is a royal blue and the ‘earth tab’ is black. These micro tabs help orientate and remind visitors that they are indeed on a link.


Teaser Heading

The BBC typeface for both the headings and the body copy is Helvetica.  Peer closely at the letters: if they are easy to read and without unnecessary flourishes, you may well be looking at an example of Helvetica typeface. Helvetica is one of those typefaces that everyone who owns a computer or has read a newspaper is familiar with.  It is a great choice for the BBC website as it communicates efficiently and quickly without imposing itself.

Font: Helvetica

Body Copy

Font: Helvetica

Paragraph Rules

Paragraph rules are used to organise content on the main page. The page is visually organised into different sections; such as Must See, The best reads of 2017. A paragraph rule or line is used to distinguish the visual hierarchy of each page.  They are a great choice for differentiating blocks of information.

Saving Space

Screen shot of content container on the BBC website
Screen shot of content container on the BBC website



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