Photoshop – getting to know the work area

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These video tutorials are an introduction to the workspace area. As one gains more experience with using Photoshop they will become aware that there is often more than one way in order to achieve a task.  To make use of the extensive editing and design capabilities of Photoshop, you must first learn to navigate the workspace whether you are working on a Mac or Windows PC.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop Files

The Adobe Photoshop work area includes the command menus at the top of your monitor and the tools and palettes on the left hand-side of the screen.

Opening Photoshop without Photoshop.

Sometimes you may want to open a photoshop file in another application this tutorial is how you do that.

How to Open Adobe Images in Using the Bridge

2.  Using the tools

How to customize the toolbar in photoshop

Using Palettes and palette menus

Undoing Actions in Photoshop

Using a context menu

3. Customising the workspace

Finding topics in Photoshop Help

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