When you start using Photoshop you will notice that the tools panel appears on the left side of the screen.  This list of most of the tools in the tools panel.  Many of these tools have a history in earlier versions of Photoshop.  Some of the videos that have been recorded related to earlier Photoshop versions however the principals and use have stayed the same in later versions.

The Marquee tool

The Move Tool

The Lasso tool

The Magic Wand tool

The Brush tool

The Pencil tool

The Clone Stamp tool

The Pattern Stamp tool

The Crop tool

The Slice tool

The Slice Select tool

The Healing Brush tool

The History Brush tool

The Art History Brush tool

The Eraser tool

The Magic Eraser tool

The Spot Healing Brush tool

The Red Eye tool

The Patch tool

The Colour Replacement tool

The Background Eraser tool

The Gradient tool

The Paint Bucket tool

The Blur tool

The Sharpen tool

The Smudge tool

The Dodge and Burn tool

The Sponge tool

The path selection tools

The type mask tools

The pen tools

The Custom Shape tool

The annotation tools

The Eyedropper tool

The Measure tool

The Colour Sampler tool

The Hand tool

The Zoom tool

The image map tool

The image select tool

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